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Looking for a dependable online data backup service and online cloud storage, Carbonite is one of the best online cloud backup services. They provide a user-friendly dashboard interface and offer unlimited online backup, which makes uploading your digital data to the cloud an easy and simple task. Their customer service and technical support provide you with many resources and assistance anytime you need help uploading your digital files.


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Founded in 2005 by David Friend and Jeff Flowers, Carbonite is an online cloud data backup service provider with an outstanding reputation of providing truly unlimited online cloud storage and a large variety of file management capabilities.

To date, Carbonite has backed up more than 500 billion files and recovered over 40 billion files (they’ve recovered 9 billion files in 2014 alone). Their services are available and used in more than 100 different countries. Carbonite is the most reliable and trusted service provider for online data backup and cloud storage services.


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Data Backup Service & Cloud Storage Provided by Carbonite

Carbonite Personal Plans for Automated Cloud Backup

Carbonite offers two different types of plans:

  1. Personal (Home & Home Office) 
  2. Business

You can try either service offered by Carbonite for free, by signing up for their 15 day free trial for the Personal Plan or 30 day free trial for the Business Plan (no credit card required). You’ll have full access to everything and really get a feel of all the great benefits and features of their cloud storage and data backup service. The business plan is ideal for anyone who has three or more computers to backup and needs to secure their files from a server.


Carbonite “Personal Plans”: Unlimited Cloud Storage

Let’s get started by reviewing the Carbonite personal (home) plans. The personal plans come in three different tiers: Personal Basic, Personal Plus and Personal Prime. You can try it free for 15 days.


Carbonite Personal Plans: Compared 

Carbonite: Personal Basic Features

  • Unlimited Cloud Storage
  • Secure and Automatic Cloud Backup
  • Free Support and Assistance 7 Days per Week
  • Access and Share Files Remotely
  • Supported Platform – Windows & Mac


Carbonite: Personal Plus Features

  • Unlimited Cloud Storage
  • Secure and Automatic Cloud Backup
  • Free Support and Assistance 7 Days per Week
  • Access and Share Files Remotely
  • External Hard Drive Backup
  • Mirror Image Backup
  • Supported Platform – Windows Only


Carbonite: Personal Prime Features

  • Unlimited Cloud Storage
  • Secure and Automatic Cloud Backup
  • Free Support and Assistance 7 Days per Week
  • Access and Share Files Remotely
  • External Hard Drive Backup
  • Mirror Image Backup
  • Automatically Backup Videos
  • Get Backups Shipped Directly to You
  • Supported Platform – Windows Only


The normal price is only $5 a month for the cheapest plan (Personal Basic plan). Along with many other great features, Carbonite has a desktop application that will constantly run in the background to update and save new files. You’re able to access your files from anywhere, anytime, and from any device with an internet connection, including tablets, smartphones, or other mobile devices that run on iOS, Android, or Blackberry operating systems. Also, if you upgrade to the Carbonite Personal Plus or Prime you’re also able to backup external hard drives.


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What Makes Carbonite Better Than Its Competitors?

Carbonite is the pioneer of “cloud storage” and has been around longer than anyone else in the industry, which will give you assurance that the company storing and protecting your precise data is dependable and won’t go out of business anytime soon.

There are many other factors as well that make Carbonite stand out from their competitors and make their service truly unique, including:

  • Unlimited Cloud-based Storage
  • Informs and reminds you which files have been backed up
  • Backups & recovery disks provided by Courier Recovery Service
  • Entire System, Full Mirror Image Backups – lets you create a local backup of everything, including your Hard Drive & Operating System
  • Automatic Video Backup


Installing Carbonite is quick and easy, and can be done in a matter of minutes. Also, unlike most of their competitors, Carbonite doesn’t install any spammy and annoying adware or popups that constantly remind you to upgrade, or with promotions of other services and products offered.

Once Carbonite is installed, you won’t have to worry about your files being backed up, it’ll be done automatically. You literally you set it and forget, it’s all about simplicity and assurance of knowing your files and data are being backed up and protected. It allows you to do things as you normally would, and Carbonite quietly and continuously works in the background automatically backing up new and updating changed files to the cloud.


What Can Carbonite Backup and Store in the Cloud?

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Additional Backup Features with Carbonite Personal Plus & Personal Prime

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Carbonite Review for Business Services


Carbonite Protects Business Data Anywhere

Carbonite “Business Plan”: Backup and Protect Your Business Data

Carbonite Business Plan is an affordable and easy way for businesses to protect and restore data by providing multiple recovery and online cloud backup solutions. The Business Plans offer small businesses automated backups, both local and server data cloud protection, by providing backup and disaster recovery solutions

Business customers can try a full version of Carbonite Business Plan FREE for 30 days! You can try out both Carbonite Pro and Carbonite Server Backup for free, simply install them onto your servers, workstations, or both.

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“Carbonite Pro” for Business: Computer Backup 

Carbonite Pro for Business Computer and Workstation Backup

Carbonite Pro allows businesses access to computer backup and recovery solutions anywhere they have internet access, anytime. It can be easy to lose valuable data anytime a computer dies or a server crashes, it’s a common unpredictable occurrence that can happen at any time. Businesses can avoid costly data loss by protecting their data and have it automatically backed up continuously.

Businesses can easily prevent data loss from electronic failures and human error such as accidental deletion by using Carbonite Pro workstation backup and recovery, which automatically backs up continuously in the background with no human involvement or interaction.

The Carbonite Pro business plan prices start at $269.99 per year, which protects an unlimited number of computers, network attached storage (NAS) and external hard drives in the cloud, and also includes file sharing anytime, anywhere with their free mobile apps. You’re able to use all those services only with one single subscription, which is extremely affordable considering all the valuable data protection you get.


Carbonite Pro for Business: “Pro Basic” & “Pro Prime” Plans Compared

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“Carbonite Server Backup” for Business: Disaster Recovery

Carbonite Business Server Backup and Recovery

Carbonite Server Backup protects small to midsize businesses by recovering important loss data. Server Backup is extremely beneficial to businesses as it protects an unlimited amount of on-site physical servers and virtual servers in the cloud. Carbonite has an extremely good reputation for their reliable protection and quick recovery of lost data.


Carbonite Server Backup for Business – Benefits & Features

Forgetting to save work or accidental deletion. Carbonite Server Backup automatically backups your data continuously in the background with no human interaction. They also monitor your backups and notify you any time there is ever a problem.

Protect ALL files and data. Businesses are able to backup and protect EVERYTHING. Protect any file type and protect an unlimited number servers, both physical and virtual servers, including EHD, NAS, and SAN!

Businesses receive the best security available. Carbonite offers the best server backup security in the industry. Business that use Carbonite are provided with a 256-bit private key security encryption option, with a minimum of 128-bit security encryption by default.

Fast and Simple Recovery. Carbonite recovers essential files and data that could not have been recovered otherwise. If data is ever lost or destroyed, Carbonite can recover an entire machine with the click of a button, or recover a single-file using the drag and drop feature.


Carbonite Server Plans Compared

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