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HireWriters Review – Content Writing Service

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Content writing services can be convenient for anyone with a blog or website looking to outsource article writing. Article factories can also be a headache if the service you choose writes an article or content for you that’s below par. For those looking for a service like this HireWriters is an option to get quick and decent content at reasonable prices.

HireWriters Services

HireWriters will write any type of content you desire no matter the length. They’ll write new articles from scratch, rewrite articles from other sources, write e-books, proofread articles, or write product descriptions.

This type of service is great for anyone who doesn’t like writing or someone who doesn’t have time to write their own articles. They’ll write any website content on demand and even have an article written in as little as three hours.


Quality of Content vs. Price

The price you’re willing to pay for an article will determine the skill level of the writer who writes your content. To have a 150-300 word article written, the price will range from $1.50 to $7.00. At the cheapest price you’ll receive a beginner skill level writer, at the most expensive price you get an expert skill level writer.


HireWriters Pricing Model


Paying only a $1.50 to have someone else write an article sounds like a great deal, although it’ll lack quality and detail, and you’ll more than likely have to do some editing of your own to the article. If you want an article that will be ready to publish immediately after receiving it you’ll have to go with a higher skill level writer.


Signing Up

When you first sign up for HireWriters service you’ll receive a 25% bonus on your first deposit, so if you have a lot of articles you want written it would be smart to make your first deposit larger since you’ll receive the bonus. The minimum deposit you’re allowed to make is $10.


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Author: Tyler DeBroux

Tyler started Oddball Wealth towards the end of 2014 after graduating college, as a way to stay relevant in his area of study, stimulate his mind, and to educate and help others.

Tyler has worked in the financial services industry, as a financial advisor, helping his clients make wise financial decisions and personalized long-term financial plans. Since graduating college in December of 2014, Tyler has paid off more than $15,000 in student loan debt and counting, his goal is to have all his student loans paid in full by the in of 2016.

Tyler is an entrepreneur and an expert in personal finance. Two of his many hobbies include investing and building online businesses. He is also a big advocate of early retirement and an aggressive saver, who utilizes any financial resources and tools available to him to help reach his goals for achieving financial independents.

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