How to Make Money on the Side While Searching for a Job

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For most college graduates, life after graduation will consist of finding a full time job. It sounds easy, but many college graduates will discover that getting a full time job after graduation to be more difficult and time consuming than they originally intended. It can take months before you’re actually offered a job.

It takes time to find a job and most graduates still need money to pay bills, student loans, and other living expenses. So to wouldn’t it be nice to add a little green to your bank account during the process of finding a job? Well, you can! There are a bunch of ways you can make money while job searching and I even listed a couple of ways below.

Some college graduates land a job right out of college or manage to secure a career before graduation. I’m sure you know a few people like this, they’re at the graduation ceremony on Saturday and the following Monday they’re starting their career. Those are the type of people who were both well prepared and organized, or are extremely lucky.


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Most college graduates are not that fortunate and getting a job is a struggle that takes time, sometimes months. Starting a career and finding a job after college generally doesn’t happen overnight. In between graduating and finding a job you’re going to need some sort of income to pay for living expenses, and not to mention your student loans.

There are many ways you can make money on the side while conducting your job search. Here are some ways you can put money into your bank account while you’re waiting to hear back on that full-time position.


Use Your College Education to Make a Side Hustle


Get Paid to Teach What You Love

1. Create an Online Course


Take what you learned in college and reteach it by creating your own online course. It doesn’t have to be what you studied in college, you can make an online course on anything you want. You’ve been a student your entire life, now you can become the instructor of your own course and make some serious money on the side!

Popular sites like let anyone become an instructor and have free state-of-the-art tools to you make an awesome and profitable online course!

Create a Udemy Course to Make Money on the Side




Make Money by Starting a Blog

2. Start a Blog


This method can take time before you actually start earning money, and truthfully you’ll probably have a job before you would every start earning money blogging, but you can still make a lot of money from blogging in the long run. You can start a blog about anything you’re interested in and share information to help others.

There are tons of ways to make money with a blog, like affiliate marketing, Google AdSense, writing an eBook and more. To learn how to make and set up your own blog, read this complete step-by-step guide on How to Start a Blog in Under 20 Minutes – The Complete Guide from Start to Finish.


Like to Write? Turn Writing Skills into a Side Hustle



Hire Writers to Write Articles and Other Content

3. Make Money as a Freelance Writer on HireWriters


There are a lot of people who don’t like to write, are not good at it, or they just don’t have the time to write their own material or content. Instead, they use websites like to hire freelance writers to write their content for them.

If you enjoy writing this is a great way to make money on the side. You can sign up to become a freelance writer at HireWriters and begin accepting freelance jobs and making money right away.


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Make Money Freelancing on Fiverr

4. Make Money Freelance Writing or Doing Just about Anything on Fiverr


You can make money on the side at by selling just about any kind of freelance service you can think of for $5. Popular Fiverr gigs include basic design work, basic web development, data entry, simple Photoshop tasks, video editing, business plan write-up, content creation, and article creation.


Get Paid to Give Your Opinion


Get paid to give your opinion at American Consumer Opinion

5. Get Paid to Share Your Opinions and Ideas


American Consumer Opinion is a website that pays people for sharing their opinions and ideas by answering questions on surveys. At American Consumer Opinion, membership is completely free and you get paid each time you complete a survey. Their survey’s generally take less than 10 minutes to complete and are very easy to answer.



Get Paid to Play Games and Watch Videos

6. Get Paid to Visit Websites and Play Games!


QuickRewards is a website where people can get paid for doing a variety of different things. At QuickRewards you can get paid to visit websites, take surveys, shop, play games, watch videos, and sign up for offers. Your account is generally credited with 24 hours after completing a task. You can choose to redeem your payouts by receiving cash payments to a PayPal account or you can choose a gift card.



Get Paid to Complete Surveys at PanelPlace

7. Get Paid to Take Surveys


From over 400 survey panels to choose from, PanelPlace is one of the largest and most trusted websites for getting paid to complete surveys. PanelPlace will recommend you the best survey panels and allows you to manage all your paid survey opportunities in one place.



Get Cash Back on Everyday Purchases


Get Cash Back on All Purchases

8. Get Cash Back on ALL of Your Shopping Online


Mr. Rebates allows you to shop at over 2,000 stores online and get cash back on all of your purchases. For every dollar you spend you can receive up to 30% cash back! Users are able to receive payments by check or through Paypal.



get cash back anytime you grocery shop

9. Get Cash Back on Your Groceries


Checkout 51 lets you earn cash back on all the brands you love and it’s very simple to use. To use Checkout 51, all you do is browse for your favorite brands, purchase them from ANY store, upload your receipt, and earn cash back. When your account reaches $20 they’ll send you a check, it’s really that simple!


Wrap Up


There are many ways for you to make money on the side, a few ways we covered above were creating your own online course, starting a blog, freelance writing, sharing your opinions, playing games, taking surveys, and earning cash back on all your purchases. Try a few of these out and see how you like them!


Make Money On The Side During Your Job Search



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