How to make Money at Home or Virtually Anywhere

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Did you know there are simple and legitimate ways to make money from your home or virtually anywhere? In this article, we’ll teach you proven methods on how you can put some extra cash in your pocket. All these methods have been tested and are legitimate.

The methods listed below can be done at home, on the go, or wherever and whenever you have some spare time. You most likely won’t get rich by doing the things listed below (or maybe you will, who am I to say) but they’ll put some extra cash in your pocket, and who doesn’t like extra money!


1. Got Junk Mail? Sell It!

Let’s face it we all get junk mail. My email inbox and my mailbox both get cluttered weekly with offers from credit card companies, insurance companies, cable companies, and the like.

Now you can finally monetize that annoying junk mail with SBK Center. They’re a market research company that will gladly take junk mail you receive in the mail and in your inbox, in exchange you’ll receive reward points which you can use to redeem gift cards from over 200 common retailers.

SBK Center



2. Good at Writing? Get Paid to Write!

Do you have a talent for writing and enjoy doing it? Why not get paid to write. Below are some websites where you can make money freelance writing…

Hire Writers

It’s free to become a member of Hire Writers, and you can work and make as much money as you’d like with these guys. You only write on topics you WANT to write about and they’ll pay you $20 per article. You can also earn bonuses for writing exceptional articles!

Want to learn more? Read the Hire Writers Review.


Figure out what you like to write about, make a profile, and let the world know you’re open for business. People will pay you to write just about anything on Fiverr.
A single place, millions of creative talents. from as little as 5$




3. Sell Your Books

Have some books that are just collecting dust? Why not sell them and make some extra cash! There are many websites and apps out there like Amazon or Craigslist where you can sell your books.

I always sold my old textbooks to Amazon. They’re fast and simple to use and they’ll pay you a fair price for your books. Also, they’ll pay for the postage to ship the books to them.




4. Get Paid to Take Surveys, Watch Videos, Play Games, and More!

Bored? Or maybe you have some extra time on your hands? Whip out your laptop, tablet, or smartphone and get paid to take a quick survey, play a game, surf the web, or to watch a movie. When I’m at home just watching TV, sitting in the waiting room at the doctor’s office or the barber shop I’ll do one of these.

Here are a few I’ve used…

Earn extra cash at in a variety of different ways. You can make money by visiting websites, reading emails, taking surveys, listing to music, shopping online, and more.

Make money at by watching videos, playing games, taking surveys, shopping online, and more.



You can begin to earn money by taking paid surveys at PanelPlace. They have more than 440 trusted paid survey panels in more than 40 countries.

You can make money at by signing up for free offers, reading emails, visiting websites, shopping online, and more. (Be cautious with this one, I’ve used them and have yet to get paid)



At Swagbucks, you can make money doing cool things like playing games, watching videos, shopping, surfing the web, and taking surveys.

Learn more by checking out the Swagbucks review!



5. Make Money with Online Rebates

If you enjoy shopping online, check out Here you can get cash back on all your online shopping at more than 2000 stores.



6. Make Money from a Website

Create a Website

Websites are like real estate. If you build up a website and get a decent amount of traffic to your site you’ll be able to sell just about anything on that website. To create a website you’ll need a domain name and web host, you can find both of these through popular web hosting sites like HostGator or DreamHost.

Then decide on what your websites niche is and create content to put on your site. Creating good content is difficult for some people, if creating content is difficult for you consider using a low-cost content writing service like HireWriters to write content for you. You can also find many freelance writers on Fiverr who will write an article for you for only $5!

If you ever get tired of running your website, you can sell that site’s domain. The more traffic your website has the more money you’ll be able to sell it for.


7. Get Paid to Feature Ads on Your Online Content

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is an advertising program of Googles, which lets you earn money by displaying ads on your website. All you have to do is sign up and wait to be approved. Once approved simply place the code they provide you on your site and the ads will begin to show.



Chitika is similar to Google Adsense.



8. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make revenue by referring products and service to potential customers.

As an affiliate with ShareASale, you can search their database of marketers and find affiliate programs that interest you. Then you can promote those programs and earn money whenever you refer a sale.

FlexOffers is similar to ShareASale, the only difference is they have different advertisers.


9. Get Paid to Download Apps

Companies like Google will pay you to simply download their app on your smartphone and continue to pay you every month you leave the app installed on your device.

These type of apps will collect data from your device based on how you search the web and use your mobile data. The data they collect gives them a better understanding on how individuals use the internet and mobile data usage. For example, which apps you use, the most popular times people search the web, the amount of time they stay on a website, etc.

Smart Panel

This free app will pay you $15 for downloading it and keeping it installed for two weeks. Afterward, it’ll pay $5 for every month you leave it installed on your device.

Nielsen Mobile Panel

After you install this app you can earn $50 a year just for having the app installed on your phone.

Google Screenwise Panel

Once you install this free app you can earn a $6 bonus and then $3 every week after that!



10. Search Bing, Get Paid

 What search engine do you generally use to search the web? Google? Yahoo? Consider switching over to Bing for all your online searches.

You’ll earn Bing Rewards when doing internet searches that you can cash in for gift cards!



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