Personal Finance and Investment Resources

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Tools and Resources to Manage and Build Wealth

Below is our full list of financial and investment resources and services. The resources and services listed here are credible and highly ranked, some of them we’ve used and other’s we haven’t, but in order to avoid being biased we’re giving you a in-dept list so you can compare and contrast to choose one that best fits your own personal needs. I’m sure we’ll add more, so bookmark this page and check back frequently.

Banking and Investment Services


Wealth Management

Personal Capital: This is a FREE service that lets you track and manage all of your financial accounts in one place! This includes all your credit cards, loans, bank accounts, saving accounts, brokerage accounts, retirement accounts and so-on. You can keep track of all your balances in one place, see how much you spend vs how much income you receive every month, and continuously know your updated net worth!

I love this service, if you don’t have an account with them, I highly recommend you go to their website this instant and create one! It’s free!



Investment Services

Investing isn’t nearly as complicated as it used to be and it’s much cheaper. Listed below are all investment services that allow you to quickly set up an account online account and begin investing with low fees and commissions. Many of the services, like Betterment, do all the investing for you on your behalf –– allowing you to set it and forget it! If you want to begin investing, I encourage you to use the links below to visit each websites and compare each service to see which one is best for you.

Betterment: I like Betterment because they let you automate you investments and they do the investing for you! They do this based off your age, goals, and risk criteria. This is a great service for anyone who wants to begin investing but doesn’t know much about investing, anyone who’s just beginning to invest, or anyone who wants to put their investments on autopilot. They also have extremely low fees, allowing your investments to grow faster!

Motif Investing: You can create and buy what they call “motif’s” which can include up to 30 stocks or ETF’s (exchange traded funds) to reach your investment goals.

Click here to receive up to $150 when you open an account with Motif Investing!

eToro: They’re a social trading network, where traders share their investment strategies and portfolio’s with one another.

Prosper: They’re a peer-to-peer lending platform. With this service you basically become a lender, loaning other people money and receiving interest from them.

OptionsHouse: An online broker that provides low-cost trades and options.

Click here to open an account with OptionsHouse and receive free trades for 60 days!

Firstrade: Firstrade is a leading online investment service that has a full-line of investment products, resources, and tools designed to help investors take control of their finances. When you first open an account you can receive 30 days of free trading.

SureTrader: SureTrader was created to give direct access trading software to individuals and active traders who wanted more than just another online broker and they strive to provide the greatest level of service at the lowest price possible.



Financial Education

Rich Dad Education: They offer webinars, online training’s, trading labs, and financial workshops to help you achieve financial goals while making money by doing so.



Online Banking

Discover Bank: This should be common sense, but IF YOU DON’T ALREADY HAVE A SAVINGS ACCOUNT, GET ONE! I’m sure most of you already a savings account and that’s great, but what I like most about Discover’s savings account is the high-interest-rate you earn on it! I’ve compared their rate to others and I haven’t found another one that matches Discover’s interest rate without having strings or fees attached to them (don’t believe me, compare the rates yourself). You can quickly and easily open a savings account on their website.

BBVA Compass: BBVA Compass is a leading banking franchise ranked in the top 25 of U.S. commercial banks. They offer their customers high-quality and industry-leading products and services. They focus on providing their customers with financial solutions to help simplify their lives.

A few great services BBVA Compass offers:

  • ClearChoice Free Checking

    • No monthly Service Charge

    • Zero fees on BBVA Compass and AllPoint® Network ATMs

  • Certificate of Deposit (CD)

    • 1.30% for 19 month CD and 1.50% for 35 month CD

    • Online only rates

    • No maintenance fees

  • ClearChoice Money Market Account (MMA)

    • High-rate Money Market Account

    • You only need $25 to open an account

    • This is an Online only rate

    • 24/7 online access

    • Unfortunately you have to live in one of these states: AL, NM, TX, CA, AZ, CO, FL


Credit Repair They provide a simple and easy to understand credit repair process. They have helped many individuals with their credit and have helped people meet their financial goals.




Protect Your Identity

Identity Guard: Identity Guard is one of the most trusted companies when it comes to identity theft protection. They’ll help protect your financial information‚ public records, personal data‚ computer, and more.