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Here at Oddball Wealth I frequently talk about generating extra income, how to make money online, how to earn money from home, and other money making ideas to help you get paid and make more money. I’m a strong believer in earning extra income and creating additional sources of revenue, which can be in the form of active income or passive income. It’s important that you have more than one source of earned income and revenue to earn cash and make more money.

When a person has more than one source of revenue and earned income they’re able to quickly pay off debt, quit living paycheck to paycheck, increase savings, start investing, become financially free, and so much more just from making extra money.

In the paragraphs below, I list many resources and articles on ways to earn extra income and how to make extra money online. I also list and explain the following ways to make extra income:

  • Ways to earn money online
  • How to make money at home
  • The best home business
  • Ways to make money fast
  • The Easiest way to make money
  • How to make money now
  • Creative ways to make money
  • How to make money for kids
  • The best ways to make money on the side


Make Money Online (Extra Income Report) - Simple and easy ways on how to make and earn extra money from home and get paid! Learn how to earn money online and ways to make money from home. Get the best money making ideas and side hustle tips. How to earn extra money and make money fast and quickly. The most profitable ways to make money from home and best home based business. Good ways to make money on the internet and extra cash online. Read this ultimate money making guide and start making money today!
Make Money Online (Extra Income Report) – Simple and easy ways on how to make extra cash and earn extra money from home and get paid! Learn how to earn money online and ways to make money from home. Get the best money making ideas and side hustle tips. How to earn extra money and make money fast and quickly. The most profitable ways to make money from home and best home based business. Good ways to make money on the internet and extra cash online. This is the ultimate money making guide and report. Learn how you can start generating extra income and make money today!


I’m living proof of how earning extra income, finding new ways to make money, and creating the best home based business to make money online from home can positively change your life. When I first decided to find ways to make money online, like starting a blog business, and increase my earned income – I was able to pay off almost $20,000 in student loans in only one year. I’m also able to purchase whatever I want when I want, and not have to worry about whether or not I can afford to buy it.


Ways to Earn Extra Income and Money

The following are a few ways to make extra money. I’ll explain each of these money making ideas to earn extra money in more detail below.

  • Start a blog to make money online. I started this blog a couple years ago and I had no idea what I was doing, let alone that I could make money from blogging. In my first year of blogging I didn’t really focus on monetizing my blog and that was my first rookie mistake. I started reading about other bloggers making over $100,000 a month from their blogs. This motivated me to begin monetizing my blog and it now generates a healthy amount of extra income each month, much of it passive income. I created a easy to use tutorial on how to start a blog which you can use for starting and setting up your own blog. My step-by-step guide will show you how to get your own professional looking blog for only $3.49 and you’ll get a free domain name using my tutorial! You can begin making your own blog with Bluehost by clicking here.
  • Make money by selling your old stuff! There are many ways you can make extra money selling your old things that you no longer use. It’s also a great way to reduce clutter and live a better life. A really simple way to sell your old things is by using the Amazon Trade-in Program. Amazon will purchase your used things from you and pay for your shipping to send those items to them, it’s extremely simple. I created a guide on how to use the Amazon Trade in Program which you can find here.
  • Make money answering surveys. Survey companies I recommend you use to earn money and extra income include SurveyDownlineSwagbucks, American Consumer Opinion, UniqueRewards, QuickRewards, PanelPlace, and CashCrate. They’re easy to use and free to join! You get paid by simply answering surveys and sharing your opinion. To make the most money, you should sign up for as many survey companies as possible. That way you’ll receive more surveys and make more money as a result.
  • Get cash back and rebates. Websites that make it simple to get cash back and rebates on your every day purchases just by taking a picture or uploading your receipt are Dollar Dig, Mr. Rebates, and Checkout 51. These are also completely free and simple to use, you’ll be amazed at how much cash back you’ll receive.
  • Make money investing. I’m a firm believer that everyone should invest, and the earlier you start investing the better. For a good investment platform, I recommend either OptionsHouse or Betterment. OptionsHouse is a great low-cost option for individuals who want to pick their own investments and manage their portfolios on their own. Betterment is a great option for everyone, both experienced investors and inexperienced investors. Betterment is an extremely low-cost and affordable way for people to put their investments on autopilot, as Betterment invests and manages your investments for you and automatically rebalances your portfolio as you age, based on your investment and financial goals.
  • Become a lender. You can make a steady stream of income by lending money to other people and receiving interest on the money you lend. The easiest and best way to make money by lending money is to use the Lending Club platform. People who use Lending Club on average earn 3% to 6% monthly cash flow from the money they borrow in cash payments.
  • Make extra money by becoming an Uber driver. You can make a decent amount of money in your spare time driving other people around. I even have a friend who makes a full-time living driving for Uber. Click here to join Uber and start making money immediately! By signing up through the link on this page you’ll also earned an extra $100 after your first drive!
  • Earn more money on your savings. Most savings accounts pay very little interest on your money, giving savers little incentive to keep their money in a savings account. But unlike other banks, Discover Bank pays its members much higher-interest rates on its savings account than most other banks. I recommend Discover Bank to anyone who wants to earn more money on their savings. They’re an online bank and their savings accounts are FDIC insured just like any other bank. There are also no fees associated with their savings account and opening an account online is very easy. You can open a high-yield savings account with Discover Bank by clicking here.
  • Make money doing online searches using Swagbucks. You can use Swagbucks to earn money and gift cards with very little effort (it’s also completely free to join and use.) One really easy way to make money online with Swagbucks is by doing online searches, just like you would do an online search with google. Except when you use Swagbucks, you get rewarded points which can be redeemed for cash, gift cards, and many other things. You’ll also receive a $5 bonus just for signing up!
  • Find a part-time job. Websites like Snagajob make it easy for job seekers to find part-time and full-time employment opportunities.


Get Paid to Share Your Knowledge

Udemy – Using Udemy, you’re able to make your own video course in whatever area or topic you’re knowledgeable or an expert in. You can set your own price, up to $50 per enrolled student who signs up for your course. Then you can put your course on Udemy’s platform for students to join and take your course.

Click here to Join Udemy and start making extra income today!


360Training – This is another online course platform which you can put up your own course and lessons for students to sign up and take.

You can join 360Training here.


Create a Social Media Network

SocialEngine – SocialEngine is a popular social networking software that let’s people build their own branded communities and social websites like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Youtube.


How to Make Extra Money from Home and Get Paid

If you want to learn how to make money online from home and get paid while you earn extra money. I’ve written many articles about ways to make money and money making ideas for earning extra income.

Listed below are posts and articles on how to make extra cash, earn money online, work from home online, and the best ways to make money on the side:

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  64. More to come!





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