8 thoughts on “How to Earn 1% to 4% on Money from Bank Accounts

  1. That’s amazing! 4.6% interest rates. It’s crazy how most banks are still offering practically nothing. Its more risky, but I like using Betterment’s conservative investments (although they still may not be as good as these banks). Thanks for sharing! I have some research to do now.

  2. If you look hard, you can usually find some bank that is trying to get more market share in your market that will offer good rates on their checking accounts. We had a bank around here offer 3% for a long time as long as you had so many debit card transactions. The unfortunate part of these accounts is things will end at some point so you need to weigh if it is worth jumping over for the short-term returns or not. I personally use an online bank for my cash savings. While the rate isn’t the highest out there, I have found other benefits in the program that makes it worth it for me! Great tips!

    1. Thanks Millennial Boss! No, I do not know anyone personally doing the Consumers Credit Union deal unfortunately. I was just digging around and doing some research when I stumbled upon them, It was by the the highest yielding bank / credit union offer I could find for a standard savings / checking account. Since they’re a credit union, the services they offer seem to be limited to those living near their physical branch locations, which are in Illinois, otherwise I would have jumped on the deal. Any regular bank account which yields more than 4% is amazing!

  3. That’s fantastic!! So glad I live near Gurnee!! I will definitely be checking out that account. I’m not 100% sure it’s practical for me just yet, but definitely good to know about. Thank you!!

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