Grammarly Review: Make Fewer Mistakes and Earn More Money

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I’ll be the first to admit it, I’m not always the best when it comes to editing my work and checking for common errors. Don’t get me wrong, I always go back over my work and reread what I wrote, but I always seem to miss simple little errors.

I had this same problem in college when writing papers. I would write a great paper, proofread it, check it over for errors, and think it was a great paper. Then I would get it back graded and sure enough there would be a little red circle around a simple spelling or grammar error I had missed.

I started to make a habit of trying to get another person to proofread my papers before I handed them in for grading when I could. Thank the lord my professors weren’t as concerned about little spelling and grammar errors as they were the actual content, for papers I had to write in my business classes.

Although, in college only my professors who were grading my papers saw my errors. Now I’m writing articles on this blog, which the whole world can see. It’s embarrassing to receive a comment or email from a reader stating they came across a spelling error in a post I’d written.

I wanted to find an affordable way to put an end to these silly little errors! This was going to be a difficult task considering I can’t rely on myself to catch every error, and another person isn’t always around to proofread my articles for me. I decided to do some digging. What I found was this amazing tool and service called Grammarly.


Grammarly Review - A Free Tool That Allows You To Make Less Mistakes and Generate More Revenue For Your Business!


Grammarly is an online writing app that scans over your work and checks it for spelling errors, grammar, vocabulary used, and any punctuation errors you may have made. As you can guess this program was exactly what I was looking for.

It can be used to check just about anything you write. I was amazed that the program checked my writing with everything I did online. This included when I wrote emails or made a post on social media.

Grammarly Example

Here are a few of the applications Grammarly works well with:

    • WordPress
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • Tumblr
    • LinkedIn
    • Grammarly Chome Extension
    • Microsoft Office Plugin
    • Gmail

Use it anytime you want to check for spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors. If you make a mistake, it’ll actually underline where the mistake was made, and to the right of the text show you the possible corrections. You can then either choose to ignore the mistake or accept the possible correction it offers you.

If you choose to ignore a mistake, you have the option of adding it to your dictionary of words that you don’t want it to correct. This is a nice option because the more you use Grammarly, the more it will customize with your writing style.

Who Benefits from using Grammarly?

Anyone who types on their computer can benefit from this program. It doesn’t matter if you’re an expert on grammar and spelling, you’re still only human and bound to make simple spelling and grammar mistakes.

I just wish I would have known about this when I was in college. It would have helped me out a ton in my writing classes and saved me the embarrassment when I missed little errors on papers I handed in for grading.

So from personal experience I would definitely recommend Grammarly to college students, it’ll help you and your grade out a lot!

I would also recommend Grammarly to anyone who writes professionally. This includes anyone who has a blog, writes article posts, or is a freelance writer.

Begin Using Grammarly Now for Free

You can get the Grammarly extension for Chrome for free. Once you install the extension for Chrome, it’ll immediately begin monitoring what you write on the web and checking for errors. It’ll work with just about any online program you use on the web, allowing you to always be able to check your work.


As I stated above, the Grammarly extension for Chrome is free for anyone to install and use, but the free version does have limitations. The free vision will only correct a limited amount of writing errors unless your sign up for their premium version.

If you’re not interested in paying for the premium version right now I would still highly recommend installing the free vision and trying it out. The free vision is still very useful and HEY, it’s FREE!

Again, this is a very useful tool for just about anyone who uses the web. It’s really great for online businesses and freelance writers. You’ll be much more confident knowing that content you’ve written on a website, or posted to social media, is free of spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors.

If you’re still on the fence on whether or not Grammarly is for you, don’t take my word for it, go and try the free version for yourself! I almost positive you’ll enjoy it and find it extremely beneficial.

How much does Grammarly Cost?

Grammarly is now free for anyone to use! The free vision is great for its price, which is free. The free vision does have certain limitations, as with most things that are free. When using the free vision it’s limited to the amount of corrections it will do.

I would recommend trying out the free vision before paying for the premium vision.

If you decide you really like Grammarly (which I’m sure you will), or decided you don’t want to mess around with the free vision and want to sign up for the premium vision right away, here’s their pricing model:

Grammarly PricingThey offer three different payment methods – Monthly, Quarterly, or Annually


  • $29.95 per month


  • $59.95 per quarter (this option comes to $19.98 per month)

Annually (Best Value)

  • $139.95 per year (this option comes to $11.66 per month)

Is it worth Paying for Grammarly?

The answer is ABSOLUTELY! We can’t always catch every error ourselves. Also, not everyone can afford to hire an assistant to reread and check our work for errors — making Grammarly an affordable alternative.

If you need help with writing, publishing your content, or constructing email campaigns, but don’t have the money to hire a writing assistant, you need to check out Grammarly!





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