How to Make a Business Plan – Business Plan Outline

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We’ve created an outline of how a business plan should be constructed. You can use this outline as a guide when you’re typing your business plan.

Keep in Mind:

  • Business Plans should be typed “Single Spaced” and also “Single Sided.”

Business plans that are well written and planned out should include all of the following below. Also, the general description of the business and the predicted expenses and financial statement should be all explained in great detail.

Your Plans Contents

  1. Cover Page
    1. The cover page should include the business’s name, business’s address, and the name of the individual/s involved.
  2. Executive Statement
    1. The executive statement should in one page or less explain what the business is and what the business plan is going to cover.
  3. Table of Contents
    1. The table of contents should be ordered numerically by pages numbers. (ex. 1,2,3,4)
  4. Explain the Business
    1. Describe in detail what your business is
    2. Describe the Market for your business
    3. What are your businesses Demographics?
    4. Where will your business be Located?
    5. Who’s your Competition?
    6. How do you plan on Managing this business?
    7. Will your need Employees/Personnel? If so, How Many?
    8. Summarize everything you just explained
  5. Explain your Marketing Strategy/Plan
  6. Funding for the Business
    1. How are you going to fund this business? Where’s the money coming from?
    2. What physical assets/equipment will you need to purchase before you can be open for business? (Furniture, supplies, tools, etc.)
  7. Financial Statements
    1. Financial statements should all be predicted at least 5-years into the future and should consist of…
      1. A Balance Sheet
      2. A Income Statement
      3. A Statement of Cash Flows
  1. For the First year the financial statements should be projected in detail by month
  2. For the Second year and Third year the financial statements should be projected by quarter
  3. Now that you made the financial statements EXPLAIN them
  1. Appendix
    1. Any supporting documents, research, graphs, and/or resumes should be placed here.


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