Ways to Make Money – How to Earn $132,000 More Than Your Friends

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Want to make thousands of dollars more than your friends? You can earn more money by following the simple investing technique I’m about to show you about ways to make money. For this investment strategy to work you need to start saving and investing early (the younger you are the better!), automate your investments, and sit back and watch your money grow.


Start Investing Early


Many people never begin investing or delay starting to invest because they don’t know where to start investing, how to start, or what to do when they do start. The most important thing is to just start. Don’t worry about all the technical details right away. The worst thing you can do is to do nothing at all, especially if you’re young and in your twenties.

If you’re currently not investing because you “don’t know where to start” or “don’t know how,” check out Betterment. They’re an outstanding automated investment service that charge extremely low fees. They also manage all your investments for you so you don’t have to. Just click this link to go to Betterment’s secure website. Then click “get started,” and they’ll walk you through everything!


Make More Than One-Hundred Thousand Dollars More Investing Than Others


Infographic: How to Invest and Make 132,000 Dollars More Than Your Friends


If you look carefully at the infographic above, it shows two people. On the left side is Awesome Mike, and on the right side is Lazy Joe. As you can see, Awesome Mike invests much less money, but actually ends up with around $130,000 more than Lazy Joe. One of the best ways to make money is by starting to invest early!

Benefits of Starting Early


Starting at the age of twenty-five, Awesome Mike invests $200 per month for 10-years, then stops making contributions at the age of thirty-five and never touches the money inside his account.

Lazy Joe likes to procrastinate, doesn’t understand basic math very well, and doesn’t understand the power of compounding interest. As a result, Lazy Joe doesn’t begin investing until he’s thirty-five years old and ends up investing $200 per month until he’s sixty-five.

Here’s why you should start investing early: Lazy Joe invests money for thirty-years and Awesome Mike invests money for only ten-years, but Awesome Mike earns more money. And this is only investing $200 per month for ten years, then stopping the monthly contributions, and just letting the account grow on its own. The most important factor to building wealth and achieving financial freedom is starting early.

Cool Services You Might Like!

PERSONAL CAPITAL – Want a tool that will allow you to view all your investments and wealth? Check out Personal Capital! It’s FREE! It’s a free service that’s available to you and allows you to sync all your financial accounts to one place. It also gives you a full picture of your entire financial situation and lets you see what your net worth is at any time. But wait, it gets better! Personal Capital takes it a step further and lets you create budgets, reminds you of any future bills, has a built in 401(k) analyzer, shows the best asset location personalized for you, and much more!


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BETTERMENT – Want to begin investing, but don’t want to take the time to learn how or the time to manage your investments? Then Betterment is for you! Betterment is an automated investment service and adviser, that does the work for you, without the high fees. The service picks investments for you based from your personal needs and goals, and completely manages your account for you. It also automatically rebalances your portfolio for you over time and as you age. Open a Betterment account today! There’s no minimum account balance requirements!


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Learn How to Make $132,000 More Than Your Friends! By following this simple and practical investing and money advice. Also, by using your age to your advantage. The earlier you start the better!

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  1. This post title got me in! A great simple example of how investing early works so much better! I’m sad to say I’m closer to the 35 than the 25, but glad to say my husband and I started saving and investing from a young age – you can’t get that time back!


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