Investment made Simple with these Mobile Apps

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Updated: September 30th, 2016


These Amazing Mobile Apps Make Investing Easy and Simple!


In today’s fast paced world, it seems like we’re always on the go with busy schedules and deadlines we have to meet.

Most of us always have our smartphones in the palm of our hands at all times, continuously checking our social media, email, and news feeds.

Let’s face it, the older we get the busier our lives seem to get, which leaves us with little time to plan or even think about our financial future and investments, but these three investment services are trying to change all that with their mobile apps.

Their goal, to simplify our lives by making finance management and investment a whole lot easier and to be able to do it on the go.

Here are three great investment services that are doing just that with their mobile apps!




Betterment is an investment service that automatically invest your money for you based on your personal preferences and risk.

Enter your goals and it will automatically give you a balanced portfolio based on your risk and timeline in which you want to reach those goals.

Don’t know anything about investing or where to start? Don’t sweat it, betterment does everything for you — just set your preferences and forget it! Their team of experts will take care of the rest.

When you open an account with Betterment, you’ll set your personal preferences, this includes your age, how much risk you’re willing to take, your investment goal, and how much time you have to reach that goal. It literally only takes minutes to set it up. Then you forget about it and let Betterment and their team take care of the rest.

You can choose to make a one-time deposit, or choose to make monthly contributions. Their services allows you to quickly monitor how much you’ve contributed and how much you’ve earned, making it simple to see if you’re on the path of reaching your goals or not.

Betterment’s fees are also very low, especially when compared to traditional brokerages. Also, Betterment doesn’t require a minimum account balance to begin investing, you could start with only $10 if you wanted! Making this services available to just about anyone.

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Personal Capital


Another rising star in the investment services industry is Personal Capital.

What makes Personal Capital unique is that you can sync all your financial accounts to one place, allowing you to view and track all your accounts in the same place.

This includes your savings accounts, checking accounts, retirement accounts, credit card and other debt accounts, etc. The best part about this feature is it’s free to anyone use!

Personal Capital also simplifies investment, you enter your preferences and they’ll recommend an asset allocation to you. Although, you need to be bit more of a high-roller to use the investment side of this service, generally needing about $25,000 to get started and the fees they charge, although lower than most, are slightly higher than the fees Betterment charges, making this investment service less favorable.

On a positive note, Personal Capital manages individual and joint non-retirement accounts and trusts. They also manage traditional, Roth, SEP, rollover IRAs, individual securities, and ETFs. Also, their personal finance management tools are free for anyone to use.

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Motif Investing


What’s unique about Motif Investing is you can buy a basket of up to 30 stocks all revolving around the same niche, which are called “Motif’s”.

You can buy ones that are already established by the experts at Motif Investing or one’s created by other users.

What’s even more unique is that you can create your own niche basket or “Motif” of up to 30 stocks.

Each basket of stocks or “Motif’s” have their own theme or niche, and can be based on a topic individuals are passionate about in the industry (such as travel, healthcare, medicine, etc.) or based on a strategy investors believe will beat the market.

“Motif’s” are similar to ETF’s in the way they’re created and designed, and Motif Investing gives individuals and investors the opportunity to create their own.

They only charge a flat commission of $9.95 to purchase a mix of up to 30 stocks, which truly differentiates Motif Investing from all other investment brokers out there.

It also allows individuals who may have little money to invest the opportunity to begin investing and purchase up to 30 stocks for only $9.95. They charge no other fees whatsoever, allowing it’s users to have greater capital gains.

They also allow investors to purchase individual stocks at a flat rate of $4.95 per trade. To open an account with Motif Investing you only need an initial investment of $250, and investors can also receive up to $150 when they open an account.

Although “Motif’s” are similar to ETF’s, you cannot customize and personalize a ETF, but with a Motif you can do just that.

Motifs can be personalized and tailored anyway a person wants, and people can build their own Motif from scratch if they choose to do so. You’ll have complete control of the allocation of your funds and Motif’s.


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Invest from Your Smartphone or Desktop


The investment services above are making investing simple and efficient for ordinary people, by revolutionizing the way the investment world works and operates.

They’re making it easy to invest on the go and from anywhere with their tech savvy mobile apps which can be download in minutes to a smartphone.

They’re also changing the game by making taking the “complicated” out of investing and doing all the heavy lifting for investors.

Their extremely low fees make it possible for anyone to start investing, even individuals with little money — which wasn’t possible until recent years.

Don’t have a smartphone? No worries, all the services above also have traditional desktop versions. You just go to their website and you’ll get all the same great services offered from their mobile apps.






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