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Competition in the job market is high. In order to get your foot in the door you have to distinguish yourself from the rest. This starts with your resume. Employers are receiving and screening through countless resumes every day, only considering applicants whose resumes standout. While others resumes get passed to the side never to be looked at again.

Is your resume one of the resumes getting passed to the side and never looked at again? Or, haven’t had any success getting interviews from organizations you’ve submitted your resume to? Or, maybe you’re just beginning your job search and are unsure on how to write a professional looking resume.

Whoever you are, there are great online services to help you create a professional looking resume that employers will respond to. Below are nine online services that will give you that edge in your job search. These services will do everything from creating a resume and cover letter, to posting your resume, to even professionally setting up your LinkedIn profile.

  I listed an description of each company below:



  • Get a Professional looking Resume
  • High Customer Satisfaction Rates
  • Thousands of Satisfied Customers
  • Guaranteed Interview in 30 Days!
  • Certified Resume Writing Service
  • Free Internet-Ready and Scan-able Resume
  • Free One-on-One Phone Consultation
  • Free Reference List and Thank You Letter
  • Free Formats
  • Price:
    • Resume: $149
    • Resume and Cover Letter: $179




  • Custom Resume Writing Service
  • Get a Resume Created in 24 Hours
  • Professionally Written Resumes
  • Will Set-up Your LinkedIn Profile
  • Create a Great Cover Letter
  • Professional CV Writers
  • Resume Services Start at $89.95



  • A Leading Professional Resume Company for more than a Decade
  • Have Serviced Over a 100,000 Clients
  • Guaranteed Interviews
  • Receive a Resume Draft in 72 Hours
  • Prices Start at 199.95




  • Build Your Own Resume w/ No Writing Experience
  • A Database of Over 50,000 Phrases for Resumes
  • To Use Resume Companion
    • Select Your Occupation
    • Then Choose the Resume Phrases You Wish to Use

  • Team of Professional Resume Writers
  • Their Resumes will Attract the Attention of Employers
  • Great Bundle Packages
  • Prices Start at $95.96



  • Get Customization, Affordability, and Professionally Written Resumes
  • Get a Custom Resume for $49
  • Get Your Resume Posted for $59
  • Have a Professional Cover Letter created for $29
  • LinkedIn “Make-Over” Service

  • Professional Resumes Written by CPRW Resume Writers
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Have a Resume in 24 Hours
  • Services Include:
    • Professional Resume
    • Cover Letter
    • Thank You Letter
    • Unlimited Rewrites
    • Phone and Email Support
  • Prices start at $199



  • Get a Resume Written, Edited, and Proofread
  • Professional Resumes, CV’s, and Cover Letters
  • Resumes are Built from Scratch
  • Get a Professional Looking LinkedIn Profile
  • Get a Personal Statement Written
  • Resume Services Start at $250



  • Resume Posting Service
  • Targets Recruiters
  • Started in 1999
  • Get a Lifetime Membership and Resend Your Resume for $19


Also, when you print-off your resume you’ll want to print it on paper specially designed for resumes. This special paper designed specifically for resumes is slightly thicker and has a glossy texture that’ll give your resume a clean and professional look.

If your considering to write your own resume or want to improve a resume you already have, there are many great books available on creating a excellent resume on your own.

Author: Tyler DeBroux

Tyler started Oddball Wealth towards the end of 2014 after graduating college, as a way to stay relevant in his area of study, stimulate his mind, and to educate and help others.

Tyler has worked in the financial services industry, as a financial advisor, helping his clients make wise financial decisions and personalized long-term financial plans. Since graduating college in December of 2014, Tyler has paid off more than $15,000 in student loan debt and counting, his goal is to have all his student loans paid in full by the in of 2016.

Tyler is an entrepreneur and an expert in personal finance. Two of his many hobbies include investing and building online businesses. He is also a big advocate of early retirement and an aggressive saver, who utilizes any financial resources and tools available to him to help reach his goals for achieving financial independents.

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