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National Debt Relief assists those who are struggling financially and are having a difficult time repaying debt. They offer debt settlement solutions and will negotiate with creditors on your behalf to reduce your total debt bill.

While you’re enrolled in this program the service will work with your creditors while you start stashing away money each month. After an agreement has been made, the amount of debt you owe will be less than what your original debt was.

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Low Cost

National Debt Relief has low pricing fees so you can keep more money in your pocket after a settlement is reached. They offer debt settlement assistance with unsecured debt, store charge cards, credit cards, medical bills, unsecured loans, and more. In order to use their service, you must have at least $7,500 worth of eligible debt. To find out if your debt qualifies — sign up for a free consultation.


How it Works

If you meet the eligibility requirements, then sign up for the service to begin the process of lowering your debt. They’ll begin to negotiate on a settlement with your creditors, and during this time you’ll begin to make monthly payments into a trust account. You own the money in this account, have full control over the money in it, and can even remove the money at any time if you want. The purpose of this account is to payoff the settlement amount of debt in full after everything is settled between you and the creditor(s).

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Cut Your Debts in Half

Many times the settlements end in a 50% debt reduction! The settlement company will take their part (fee) which is generally around 20%. That means you receive savings of 30%!


How Long Does it Take?

The length of time it takes to finalize a debt settlement depends on the situation and the amount of debt involved. The average time can be anywhere from one to two years. This is the average time length — sometimes it takes less time, sometimes more time.


Final Notes

National Debt Relief is truly a great service and one of the best debt settlement services offered today. Their fees are low for the service you end up getting. They typically reduce debts by 50 percent, that’s huge!


Where do I go to Use this Service?

If you’re having trouble repaying debt and want try this service, just go to their website and follow the steps.


Learn More by Visiting Nation

Debt Relief’s Website!

Learn More about National Debt Relief


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