Should You Be Taking About Money and Finances At Home?

Kids… It’s Time For the Money Talk… We all know why having the “Birds and the Bees” conversation is awkward for both the parents and the kids, because it’s a very sensitive conversation. But, why is it that talking about money and our personal finances at home considered just as taboo a conversation? Going into adulthood, most of us are equipped with two skills. The first is job and employment skills. School teaches us the importance of getting a job so we can make money […]

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How much do Americans have in savings?

How Much Money Should You Have Saved by Age Groups

The amount of money you should have saved really depends on your age, salary, and lifestyle you have or want to have. But, to really give you a good idea of how much money you should have saved currently, we’ll go over some facts and statics which will give you an idea of the average amount of money Americans have saved by age groups and the average amount of savings by age that the experts recommend. So let’s get started, how much money should you […]

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Why do you want to become rich? What does being rich mean to you? Learn why some people think of money, wealth, and power when they think of the term "rich," and why many other people believe being rich is much more meaningful than financial and monetary reasoning's!

Why Do You Want to Become Rich? Money and Wealth Explained

Why do you want to be rich? Or, maybe you’re wondering how to become rich? These type of questions seem like they should have straight forward answers, but truth be told, they don’t. For some people, money and financial wealth isn’t necessary to feel like they’re rich or wealthy.     Once you’ve finished reading this post, in the “comment section” at the end of this post, leave a comment letting us know what the term “rich” means to you. Also, let us know why […]

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Is a College Degree and Financial Freedom Related?

Why a College Degree Isn’t Necessary to Achieve Financial Freedom

  A common goal among many Americans today, especially young people, is to achieve financial freedom. In order to achieve this goal, it seems like everyone these days is going to college. In fact, Millennials are the most education generation in history and hold more advance degrees than any other generation. That’s great, right? Sure we’re all educated, hold fancy degrees, and we’re all really smart… Well, maybe not as smart as we think we are… For the majority of us, we didn’t get a […]

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college grad's manage money

How College Graduates Dominate their Money & Finances

You finally did it, after all the sleepless nights from studying and writing papers, all the time you spent in the library with your nose stuck in a textbook, and all the lecture halls you had to sit through while you struggled to stay awake. None of that matters now because you finally did it, you graduate college. Congratulations on a job well done! Two very different feelings and emotions run through you after graduation. The first one is the feeling of accomplishment and success, and you […]

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The Answer to Retirement Income is Simplicity

Retirement is a beautiful word we all enjoy thinking and talking about. Retirement is a time when we’re finally able to break free from the 9 to 5 hustle and are able to spend our time the way we want, even if that’s waking up every day and doing nothing. Although, many of us never do the proper planning for retirement in the form of retirement income. Proper retirement planning is the difference between a nice and pleasant retirement and a financially stressful retirement. So, […]

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The Benefits of Creating a Side Income

The Benefits of Creating a Side Income Creating additional sources of income is a great way to get additional money for investment and to become less dependent on a paycheck in the future. How to Create an Additional Income Start a side business that you can operate at night or on the weekends or both. Types of side businesses you could start: Carpet Cleaning Business Start a Website or Blog If you want to start a blog or website the cheapest place to buy a […]

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