Should You Be Taking About Money and Finances At Home?

Kids… It’s Time For the Money Talk… We all know why having the “Birds and the Bees” conversation is awkward for both the parents and the kids, because it’s a very sensitive conversation. But, why is it that talking about money and our personal finances at home considered just as taboo a conversation? Going into adulthood, most of us are equipped with two skills. The first is job and employment skills. School teaches us the importance of getting a job so we can make money […]

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college grad's manage money

How College Graduates Dominate their Money & Finances

You finally did it, after all the sleepless nights from studying and writing papers, all the time you spent in the library with your nose stuck in a textbook, and all the lecture halls you had to sit through while you struggled to stay awake. None of that matters now because you finally did it, you graduate college. Congratulations on a job well done! Two very different feelings and emotions run through you after graduation. The first one is the feeling of accomplishment and success, and you […]

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