Why Lending Club is the Leader in Peer-to-Peer Lending

Peer-to-peer lending, or p2p, is a rapidly growing industry with constant new comers trying to enter the p2p game. Nobody could have predicted the amount of success and popularity the world of peer-to-peer lending has become, allowing borrowers to quickly and painlessly get a loan, and giving investors an extremely better rate of return on … Read more

10 Business Terms Every Entrepreneur Should Know

Every entrepreneur should understand and know a few basic business and startup terms. They’ll help you understand how a startup business is launched and funded. These business terms will also help you understand whether or not any money invested in a company is making a return, or how much money a company has available to spend … Read more

Move Your Mountain – Raise Money Online

Move Your Mountain is an online fundraising service that lets its users raise money for just about everything such as, raising money for a start-up business, medical bills, tuition, or funeral expenses. Move Your Mountain could also be classified as a crowdfunding source. The company and website was created in a tiny office space in … Read more