How I Grew My Pinterest Audience by 25,000 in Ten Days with Viraltag

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Hello everybody! Today I’m going to share with you how I grew my Pinterest audience by 25,000 viewers in only ten days using this cool new social media management tool called Viraltag!

I didn’t realize how vital social media was to my business and never put a big emphasis on social media marketing until recently. When I finally realized the importance of social media, I struggled greatly and had a tough time just getting a following and audience. I was especially struggling with my Pinterest account.

Having multiple Pinterest boards, I was trying to pin posts to each board manually at different times. This proved to be very time consuming and difficult. I eventually tried using a couple different social media management tools and eventually found one that I really like called Viraltag.


How I Grew My Pinterest Audience By Twenty-Five Thousand Viewers in Less Than Ten Days!


What is Viraltag?


Viraltag is a visual social media marketing platform that lets you discover, create, and post content to your social media accounts. In general, Viraltag is a social media scheduler that makes managing your social media accounts a breeze.

It allows you to manage just about all your social media accounts from one place. Like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and LinkedIn. With Pinterest, you’re able to schedule one or multiple pins all at one time and schedule your pins to be posted on multiple boards if you want.


How I Grew My Pinterest Viewers by 25,000 in 10 Days


Pinterest Audience for June
My Pinterest Audience for the Month of June before I began using Viraltag.


Pinterest Audience from June 30 to July 13
My Pinterest audience from June 30 to July 13 increased by almost 25,000 viewers in just a few days after I began using Viraltag.


When I first signed up for Viraltag’s 14-day free trail, I was amazed at the results I received from using it! My Pinterest audience increased by almost 25,000 viewers within just a few days.

Before now, my Pinterest account was really struggling. My pins were not getting very much engagement from other Pinterest users. Also, my pins were not sending very much traffic, if any traffic at all to my blog posts.

Since I began using Viraltag, traffic to my blog from my Pinterest pins alone has increased by hundreds of visitors a day! As a result, my blog posts have been getting a lot more interaction and engagement from viewers.


How Do I Use Viraltag to Schedule Pins?


Here’s how I use Viraltag to schedule and post pins on Pinterest.


How to schedule pins with ViralTag


One way I use Viraltag to schedule pins is by scheduling pins I’ve already saved in the past. I can simply log into my Pinterest account and go to my pins section or select one of my boards. Then I using the Viraltag Chrome extension tool or bookmarking tool, I’m able to select any images I want to pin.


Schedule Multiple Pins with ViralTag


Once I select the images I want to schedule and pin, I click the “Schedule” button.


Using ViralTag to Schedule Pinterest Pins


I’m then able to select the social media accounts I want these images to be posted to. I can schedule multiple posts all at once or schedule pins individually. Also, I can choose what group of Pinterest boards I would like the images to be pinned to.

I can schedule my pins to be posted at certain time intervals or I can just add them to my “Queue,” which is my pre-selected posting schedule times.


Posting Schedule on Viraltag


Viraltag also uses your analytics and will give you recommended times to schedule posts on certain days, which can be very useful and effective.


ViralTag DashBoard


After I schedule the images and content I want to be posted to my social media accounts, I can view all of my future posts and make any adjustments to them directly from by Viraltag Dashboard.

Viraltag has significantly stepped-up my social media game. If you haven’t found a tool to help manage your social media accounts and increase your social following, I recommend you try Viraltag. Step up your social media game today with Viraltag’s 14-day free trail! 

If you sign up for Viraltag using the links in this post, as a reader you’ll also get a free $15 credit to your account! Pretty Awesome!



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