Five Christmas Day Activity Ideas to Enjoy with Friends & Family

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Merry Christmas Everyone!

Hopefully you’re able to enjoy this wonderful day with family and friends! Today is a special day and most individuals have the day off from work. So what do you have planned for this holiday?

After all the presents have been opened and all the sweets have been eaten up, excitement levels tend to drop, but they don’t have to. ┬áIf you don’t have any holiday festivities planned for after the gifts have been unwrapped, don’t sweat it, we’ve got some ideas for you! Here’s a list of activities for you and your family to enjoy on Christmas day!

  1. Did it snow by you? If you’re one of the lucky ones who actually got to have a white Christmas this year, get outside and enjoy it!
    • Go sledding
    • Build a snowman
    • Have a snowball fight
    • Build a snow-fort
  2. Burn the Christmas tree! What’s better than ending Christmas night with a bon-fire! After the presents have been unwrapped and Christmas dinner is over, grab the family and bring the Christmas tree outside to burn (if you have a fire-pit or burning area in your yard). This can be a great way to end the evening, having a fire with family and friends, and you can even roast chest-nuts if you want!
  3. Take the family and go for a walk! This year has been unusually warm by us and in many other parts of the country. Why not enjoy the warm weather and take advantage of it by going for a walk!
  4. Play a game your entire family will enjoy! If you’re at grandma’s house this Christmas, I bet she has some pretty fun classic board games to break out and play!
  5. Take the family to a movie! Most movie theaters are open Christmas Day and some even play Christmas movie classics.

There are countless things to do this Christmas Day, but just spending time with friends and family can be enough for a lot of people! Merry Christmas Everybody!





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