How To Insure Your Family Has an Amazing Vacation and Safe Trip

Protect Your Vacation and Finances with Travel Insurance

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Many problems can arise both before and during your trip, having a comprehensive travel insurance policy can cover numerous problems that might happen, many people may never think of. Good travel insurance will not only protect your vacation, but more importantly protect you and your family in emergencies overseas, such as medical emergencies. It can […]

Top Three Identity Theft Prevention & Credit Protection Services

Top 3 Identity Theft Prevention & Credit Protection Services

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Becoming a victim of identity theft is a life-changing experience that can have horrible long-term and permanent effects. When your identity is stolen, all your financial information, personal data, public records, social security numbers, and computer data can and will be stolen along with it. Loans and credit cards can be taken out in your […]

How to Choose the Best Wireless Carrier and Save Money When Buying a New Smartphone

The Changing Cell Phone Service Industry: Out with the 2-year Contract, In with the No-Contract Plan

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The cell-phone industry is changing, and you may have already noticed your phone cellular carrier trying to push you into a no-contract phone plan, that’s because the two-year contract is becoming extinct. Many carriers have already dropped their two-year contracts completely and those that haven’t are soon to follow. The movement to end two-year contracts began […]

Avant Unsecured Personal loans and Lending Rates

Avant Lender Review – Online Personal Loans for Poor Credit

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Avant is an online lender that offers personal loans from $1,000 to $35,000, and one of the few lenders that provides loans to borrowers with bad credit. They requires borrowers to have a minimum credit score of 580, which is much lower than most online lenders. This makes Avant a very convenient lender for anyone […]

Online Data Backup and Cloud Storage

Carbonite Review – Online Data Backup and Cloud Storage

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Looking for a dependable online data backup service and online cloud storage, Carbonite is one of the best online cloud backup services. They provide a user-friendly dashboard interface and offer unlimited online backup, which makes uploading your digital data to the cloud an easy and simple task. Their customer service and technical support provide you with many […]

Controlling loans and debt

How to Control and Manage Debt after College

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There is a good chance that the majority of you who are reading this are recent college graduates since the title of this article is How to Control and Manage Debt after College. I’m also going to assume that the majority of have at least one type of debt in general… Student loans… Cough, cough… I know […]

Establishing good credit and protecting it from credit fraud

Why Building and Protecting your Credit is Critical

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Building good credit and establishing an excellent credit score takes time. Yes, it can take years to establish good credit and only days to destroy or ruin your credit. Which is why after all the hard work and time you put into building and establishing your good credit, protecting your credit is critical. You’re able […]

Getting a job after college

How to Dominate the Job Market after Graduating College

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Welcome to the real world! Now that you’ve graduated college, you’re probably going to want to start looking for a job and begin your career. Eventually you’ll have to begin repaying your student loans and have other expenses to pay for. A lot of fun, I know. You can avoid a lot of stress in […]

Five Christmas Day Activity Ideas to Enjoy with Friends & Family

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Merry Christmas Everyone! Hopefully you’re able to enjoy this wonderful day with family and friends! Today is a special day and most individuals have the day off from work. So what do you have planned for this holiday? After all the presents have been opened and all the sweets have been eaten up, excitement levels […]

How to Payoff Student Loans in Nelnet

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Updated: February 12, 2017 It’s now that time, time to start paying off your student loans. Many of us didn’t think twice about these loans while we were still enrolled in college and didn’t fear the consequences or think about the commitment of the loans when we accepted them before the start of each semester, and […]