Why the Future of Work and Employment Matters

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The new era of work has arrived. Right, it feels different. That’s because it is.

As we increasingly incorporate new technology into business operations we will change the nature, speed, and processes of work. What we’re doing, how we’re doing it, managing it, whom we’re doing it with, when we’re doing it, and where we’re doing it, the pandemic accelerated the arrival of the future of work.

Hello, my name is Tyler DeBroux, and I’m an entrepreneur, business owner, Workforce Innovation Specialist, and Work Futurist. I support both employers and employees as they comprehend, adapt to, and succeed in the changing workplace.

Our working lives have undergone significant change. The good news is that this new, highly digitalized business environment is balanced by an emphasis on talent and a human-centric perspective that enables collaboration and quick responses.

All of this requires a focus on fresh and particular abilities. While the process of change and transition can seem chaotic, we have already been honing crucial abilities like adaptability, empathy, and problem-solving.

The following posts in this blog series will help you cultivate and practice the skills you need to succeed in this new era of work.

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