How To Find the Best WordPress Theme for Your Website (StudioPress Review)

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It’s never been easier for individuals, businesses, and bloggers to create their own professional looking website than it is today. Thanks to WordPress, a person no longer needs specialized coding and web development skills to make a website. Using WordPress, a person can build virtually any type of website imaginable and it’s never been easier or faster to do.


Although because there are so many options, choosing the right option for you can be difficult and time consuming. With basically an unlimited number of choices and products to choose from, knowing where to start is often the hardest task.


How to Find The Best WordPress Theme For Your Website (StudioPress Review)


To help you get started and find the perfect design or theme for your website, we’ll be taking an inside look at StudioPress today – known for having the most variety and best WordPress themes and website templates for websites available.


With almost 200,000 WordPress users and website owners using their themes to power their websites and make their content visible to the world, StudioPress is the number one destination to find WordPress themes and templates.


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What’s Special About StudioPress?


StudioPress is the creator of the Genesis Framework, which is the best well-known framework theme for WordPress. The easiest way to describe Genesis is by the lines of code that is placed between your website’s theme and the WordPress software.


Find the best WordPress theme for your website using a Studiopress website theme


The Genesis Framework can also be explained as a simple layout and design for a WordPress theme. A simple layout and design which can be enhanced further by installing and using child themes which have been specially built and designed for it. The child themes then offer a large selection of customization and styles.


To makes this concept easier to understand, StudioPress likes to compare WordPress with a Car’s engine, Genesis as the car’s body, and StudioPress themes as the car’s paint job.


When you choose a StudioPress theme for your WordPress site, you’re automatically getting the Genesis Framework and all the benefits that go with it. The only steps involved in getting a Genesis Framework powered WordPress website is by simply installing the Genesis Framework and then any child theme you choose. If you wish, StudioPress also allows you to create and customize your own child themes. To get a better understanding of your choices take a look at their custom website showcase and get a better feel of what’s out there on the Genesis Framework.


If you’re still a little confused – Click here to download The Genesis Guide for Absolute Beginners for free (PDF – 1.4 MB).


Benefits and Features of StudioPress WordPress Themes


StudioPress may have already had you at “the Genesis Framework” which really is amazing, but there are also many benefits as to why you should consider using their WordPress themes. I’ll go over a handful of the amazing benefits and features you get when using a Genesis Framework theme.


Here’s a quick overview of some benefits and features included in a StudioPress theme:


  • Top-notch Security
  • Extremely Fast Website and Page Load Times
  • Beautiful and Fully-Responsive HTML5 Design for Mobile Users
  • Themes are “Search Engine Optimized”
  • Clean and Easy To Customize Code for Web Developers
  • Unlimited Support, Updates, and Websites
  • Instant Updates
  • Custom Layout and Widget Options


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StudioPress theme features such as extreme security and fast website loading times are more than just nice, but they should also be a no-brainer for you when choosing your WordPress design and theme.


What really separates StudioPress themes from most other WordPress themes out there, are their theme features like mobile responsiveness, custom layout options, and the critical fact of which all of their themes are already search engine optimized (SEO).


The Studiopress Genesis Framework WordPress website themes are search engine optimized (SEO)


Also, when using the Genesis Framework and child themes options, changing your website’s design and look is simple and straightforward, especially when compared with other more traditional WordPress themes. By using StudioPress’s Genesis Framework, if you ever want to change the look or layout of your website, all you have to do is pick a different child theme for your site. The sites appearance will change while its published content and pages will still be there.


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How to select the best wordpress theme

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