Is Canva better than Adobe suite?

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Can Canva replace Adobe?

Canva is the clear winner. Why? Canva is constantly innovating, improving, and adding more tools to their platform daily. But, more importantly, Canva is continuously simplifying their platform and tools.

Any person with little experience or even someone with zero graphic design skills, can go to, create a free account, and create a professional looking design in 20 minutes of less. That’s how simple Canva is to use and why it’s such an amazing design platform.

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Two years ago, I might have said Adobe. However, not anymore.

Adobe’s user interface is more complex and takes a larger investment of your time. To add insult to injury, Adobe makes the process more complex with all their different design software applications, depending on the type of design you’re designing, you’ll need to figure out what adobe design application to sign up for.

With Adobe it can be time consuming, frustrating and ,mentally draining just trying to figure out what Adobe application you need. Then the time investment of learning how to use Adobe is significant.

Image of a person sitting at their home office desk working on a laptop computer, along with a flower base filled with pink roses, and placed on the desk next to the laptop computer.
Text on the image asks the following question: Can Canva replace Adobe? and then says "Canva vs Adobe" who do you think will win?
Can Canva replace Adobe? Who do you think will win? You can try the Pro version of Canva free for 30-days!

Many people need to sign up, pay for, and take a semester long course or class just to learn how to use many of the Adobe design tools. The courses are not cheap either. People have made fulltime careers and a lot of money out of teaching others how to use Adobe design tools.

I don’t consider myself a professional graphic designer, because I’m not. My profession is marketing, and occasionally I’ll do web design on the side when I have the time.

With that said, I used Adobe when studying in University and continued to use it up until 2015, when I tried Canva. I fell in love with the simplicity of using and customizing Canva’s templates and the number of different template design options available.

Since then, Canva has continued to add tools, templates, and design options; all while managing to continue to simplify their already simple and easy to navigate user interface.

Professional designers are probably going to burn me at the stake for saying this, but a user can create just as professional looking of a design on Canva as they could using an Adobe application. Even using the free version of Canva.

Canva allows all their users access to all the design tools, even on the Canva free version. Canva defeats Adobe Creative Cloud Express in terms of mobile app capabilities. It’s a great tool for folks who work on mobile because it can fit much of the functionality of the desktop version into the app, making it a designing tool for mobile.

Is Canva easier than Adobe?

Compared to Adobe Express, Canva offers a much larger selection of layouts, graphics, images, templates, videos, and most of all simplicity.

As far as team collaboration tools, Canva steals the crown here as well. While Adobe Express occasionally feels a little sluggish, Canva’s UI is quick, with little lag time while loading templates or accessing different tools.

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