Best 3 Tax Preparation Services to File Taxes for Free

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Updated: February 7, 2016

Doing your taxes by hand can be confusing and trying to figure out which forms to use and what tax credits you’re eligible for can be a real struggle. One alternative is to physically go to a tax professional and have them prepare your taxes for you, but this method is usually expensive. Another option is to prepare your taxes using tax preparation software, which is an easy and affordable way to accurately do your taxes and get a guaranteed maximum tax refund.

By using tax preparation software your guaranteed to get the maximum tax return. Tax preparation software helps act as a tax guide that will go over every step of the tax process with you and ensure your taxes are accurate. All of the online tax preparation software listed below have live professional customer support, allowing you to chat live with a tax expert if you have any questions while preparing your taxes.

Oh, and should mention one last thing, the online tax preparation websites that are listed below allow you to file your taxes for free! The tax preparation sites listed below allow users to file a federal return for free. The kickback is most of them charge a fee to file your state taxes which ranging between $20 and $35, a fair price since they all guarantee 100% accuracy and the maximum refund possible. Some might let file your state and federal taxes for free depending on your income level and what type of income you have.

Below are 3 of the Top Rated and Most Used Free Online Tax Preparation Software Available:


1. File Your Taxes For Free with eSmart Tax


eSmart Tax

eSmart Tax is a browser based, easy to use software for filing your taxes. They’re Liberty Tax Service’s online version for tax preparation. eSmart Tax also guarantees 100% accuracy when filing your tax return and the maximum refund possible.

The service is simple to use and allows users to quickly e-file tax returns. You can upload your tax return from the previous year, even if you used a different tax preparation software the previous year. You can also easily import your W-2 and other documents. If you have questions while preparing your taxes they offer free chat and email support.


2. File Your Taxes for Free with


e-file is a great service for basic and complex returns. They guarantee a fast return and allow to file a return in as little as 15 minutes. They provide exceptional customer support and allow you to talk to a tax professional to answer questions.

In addition to preparing and filing taxes, also offers its users a file extension service. This allows users to request an extended amount of time past the normal deadline date of April 15 to file their taxes.


3. File Your Tax Return Free with TaxACT


File taxes absolutely free online with Tax Act

TaxACT lets users file their tax returns free! Quick and simple to use. Guarantees 100% accuracy and maximum return. Free professional tax assistance.


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17 thoughts on “Best 3 Tax Preparation Services to File Taxes for Free”

  1. Awesome post, definitely some great tips and advice! Sometimes it can get confusing and complicated to do your taxes on your own or you may not have the time. In any of these cases it is always best to consult a professional to help. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I honestly never knew that online tax services were available. It definitely seems like it would be a good option to at least look into. I’m not sure it can replace the intricacies of a human, or what having that real person can do for you. It might be worth it though, to use one of these services, and then compare it to see what you would be able to get otherwise.

    • Hey Ellie, yes online tax services are available and have become extremely popular among tax payers filing tax returns. They make filing taxes very easy and simple, save time, and a much more affordable option than hiring a human tax professional or CPA to file your taxes each year.

    • Hey thanks for your comment.
      To answer your question on whether to use an online tax service or to go the conventional route, it depends. Everyone’s situation is unique and every person has different strengths and weaknesses. I personally have an accounting background and prefer to do my taxes on my own because I have a strong understanding of the tax code. So I use tax software to assist me and speed up the process. Hope this helps.

  3. It is good to know that there is a lot of different software you can use to help you do your taxes. However, I still have a lot of issues doing taxes. So, it might just be easier for me to get a professional to help me do my taxes.

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  5. It is impossible to pick the perfect moment to invest to beat the market. Improve your chances of maximising your returns by drip-feeding your money into a fund on a regular basis, for example once a month, rather than investing a lump sum in one go.


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