Ultimate Guide to Starting an Online Blog Business in Your Underwear

How to Start a Blog Business in Your Underwear

Ultimate Guide to Starting an Online Blog Business in Your Underwear   Have you ever dreamed about waking up in the morning and just working in your underwear? Or, better yet, how about launching and running a profitable business while only wearing your underwear (or your pajamas, or whatever wardrobe suits you)? Sounds nice, doesn’t it? Most people love the idea of this, but never pursue it. They don’t think it’s possible, or because it sounds unrealistic, or they believe starting a business is too […]

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Put some cash in your wallet and make money Before You Get a Job

How to Make Money on the Side While Searching for a Job

For most college graduates, life after graduation will consist of finding a full time job. It sounds easy, but many college graduates will discover that getting a full time job after graduation to be more difficult and time consuming than they originally intended. It can take months before you’re actually offered a job. It takes time to find a job and most graduates still need money to pay bills, student loans, and other living expenses. So to wouldn’t it be nice to add a little green to […]

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hundred dollar bills - make money online

The Most Profitable Ways to Make Money Online

If you want to start a side hustle making money online we have a complete list of the top proven methods to make money online. A few of the side hustles listed on here require some effort, and others require very minimal effort on your part.   Passive Income – Work Hard Now, Play Hard Later   A few methods for making money online listed below, such as starting blog, require more time and effort than others on the list. These techniques require more work and a larger investment […]

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college grad's manage money

How College Graduates Dominate their Money & Finances

You finally did it, after all the sleepless nights from studying and writing papers, all the time you spent in the library with your nose stuck in a textbook, and all the lecture halls you had to sit through while you struggled to stay awake. None of that matters now because you finally did it, you graduate college. Congratulations on a job well done! Two very different feelings and emotions run through you after graduation. The first one is the feeling of accomplishment and success, and you […]

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Males and Females Manage Wealth and Money Differently

Males and females tend manage their wealth and money differently. Both genders have budgets, save, and invest but seem to have a different take on it when it comes to their money. Certain factors like pay and life expectancy play a role, as men tend to make higher wages than women, and women tend to live longer than men, but there are also psychological reasons as well. Women and Confidence When it comes to finances and managing money, women tend to take a more cautionary […]

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These Robo Advisors Make Investing Simple

Investing has always been a complicated but necessary obstacle, which everyone must do to in order to grow their wealth. In the past, you would have to call or go see a financial adviser in person who would then manage your investments and help grow your wealth for you. Although, you can still hire a personal financial adviser today, they typically have very high fees and tend to push you into investments that may not fit your financial goals. Thanks to the internet and advancing […]

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Investment made Simple with these Mobile Apps

Updated: September 30th, 2016     In today’s fast paced world, it seems like we’re always on the go with busy schedules and deadlines we have to meet. Most of us always have our smartphones in the palm of our hands at all times, continuously checking our social media, email, and news feeds. Let’s face it, the older we get the busier our lives seem to get, which leaves us with little time to plan or even think about our financial future and investments, but these […]

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How to make Money at Home or Virtually Anywhere

Did you know there are simple and legitimate ways to make money from your home or virtually anywhere? In this article, we’ll teach you proven methods on how you can put some extra cash in your pocket. All these methods have been tested and are legitimate. The methods listed below can be done at home, on the go, or wherever and whenever you have some spare time. You most likely won’t get rich by doing the things listed below (or maybe you will, who am I to […]

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Investing in Mutual Funds – Mutual Fund Basics

Mutual Funds have been very common investment vehicles for years. If you plan on investing in mutual funds it’s important that you understand what they are and how to invest in them. What is a Mutual Fund? Mutual Funds are investment portfolios that can be made up of stocks, bonds, real estate, and/or other securities. These portfolios are funded by pooling money together that has been invested by many other investors, which range from hundreds to thousands of investors. Diversification is made easy with Mutual […]

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Introduction to Investing, Investment Basics

Introduction to Investing, Investment Basics New to investing? No worries, learn about some of the investment basics. When you begin investing you’ll have many options to think about, like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, index funds, and ETFs. Before you start investing, here are a few basic guidelines to keep in mind. 1. Stocks have Outperformed other Investment Vehicles over the Long-term Looking back, historically stocks have outperformed other investments providing higher returns. The next in line to stocks have been bonds.   2. Stocks not […]

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