Get Organized with FreshBooks Online Accounting Software

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FreshBooks is the leader in cloud accounting for small businesses with over 5 million users. The company understands the accounting needs of small businesses. Such as, invoicing, sales, payroll, expenses, taxes, and inventory. FreshBooks can make your accounting needs simple, quick, and secure. FreshBooks is an easy to use, cloud-based accounting software that’s well designed […]

Outstanding Professional Resume Writing Services

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Competition in the job market is high. In order to get your foot in the door you have to distinguish yourself from the rest. This starts with your resume. Employers are receiving and screening through countless resumes every day, only considering applicants whose resumes standout. While others resumes get passed to the side never to […]

How to Make a Business Plan – Business Plan Outline

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We’ve created an outline of how a business plan should be constructed. You can use this outline as a guide when you’re typing your business plan. Keep in Mind: Business Plans should be typed “Single Spaced” and also “Single Sided.” Business plans that are well written and planned out should include all of the following below. […]

How to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog or Website

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It’s hard for a blog to be successful without an audience and it’s very hard to get an audience if no one knows about your blog. The following are a few simple methods to get more users and traffic to your blog or site. 1. Post New Content Regularly You can keep readers coming back […]

Top 5 Websites Offering Free Courses

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It’s a known fact that individuals who continue to learn and keep their skills relevant make more money in their careers and receive raises more often. Also, by continually educating yourself you become more credible in your niche field and as a person. Although continued education can be expensive which is why I put together […]

How to Choose the Right Business Partner

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Entering into a business partnership is like entering into a marriage, you better be committed. You and your business partner will be spending a lot of time with one another and making important decisions together. A partnership is a long-term commitment so be sure to pick the right person. Choose Someone Who Shares your Values […]

What We Can Learn from Don Draper

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Don Draper’s character on AMC’s Mad Men as a big-time advertising executive and ruthless business man based in the 1960’s was inspiring for many who watch the show. He wore admirable suits, was charismatic, was successful, drank good whiskey, and when his mind was set on something he thought he wanted he took it. Here are a […]

Get More Done with Less Distractions

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We see and experience them every day and they’re everywhere. Their mission is to make you less productive. They come in different shapes and sizes. They can be addicting and hard to resist. They’re in your home, your office, all over the web, and on our phones. Some may have conditioned you to believe they’re […]

An Example of an Elevator Pitch

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Here’s an elevator pitch that I constructed in college for an Elevator Pitch Competition I was in. Feel free to use it as a reference when crafting your own pitch. One thing you’ll notice when you read this pitch is that it’s under 60 seconds. My Elevator Pitch Example “Hello, my name is Tyler. I’m […]