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How to Make Money Management, Budgeting & Personal Finance Easy

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Finding the best personal finance software for tasks like money management and budgeting to update your monthly household budget spreadsheet can sometimes seem overwhelming and impossible. It’s safe to say that time isn’t on our side and finding the time to properly manage your finances and update the monthly family budget spreadsheet just doesn’t seem possible.   Related […]

Controlling loans and debt

How to Control and Manage Debt after College

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There is a good chance that the majority of you who are reading this are recent college graduates since the title of this article is How to Control and Manage Debt after College. I’m also going to assume that the majority of have at least one type of debt in general… Student loans… Cough, cough… I know […]

Getting a job after college

How to Dominate the Job Market after Graduating College

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Welcome to the real world! Now that you’ve graduated college, you’re probably going to want to start looking for a job and begin your career. Eventually you’ll have to begin repaying your student loans and have other expenses to pay for. A lot of fun, I know. You can avoid a lot of stress in […]

7 Ways to Quickly Pay Off Student Loans

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  Funding a college education is expensive and taking out debt to pay for college is so common that most of consider it necessary and don’t twice about it. In fact, more than half of college students take out loans to help fund their college adventure, I should know I was one of them. We […]

How to Payoff Student Loans in Nelnet

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Updated: February 12, 2017 It’s now that time, time to start paying off your student loans. Many of us didn’t think twice about these loans while we were still enrolled in college and didn’t fear the consequences or think about the commitment of the loans when we accepted them before the start of each semester, and […]