Controlling loans and debt

How to Control and Manage Debt after College

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There is a good chance that the majority of you who are reading this are recent college graduates since the title of this article is How to Control and Manage Debt after College. I’m also going to assume that the majority of have at least one type of debt in general… Student loans… Cough, cough… I know […]

Establishing good credit and protecting it from credit fraud

Why Building and Protecting your Credit is Critical

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Building good credit and establishing an excellent credit score takes time. Yes, it can take years to establish good credit and only days to destroy or ruin your credit. Which is why after all the hard work and time you put into building and establishing your good credit, protecting your credit is critical. You’re able […]

Manage Your Personal Debt

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As American’s we love to buy things and spend money, and most individuals and households have at least one credit card. Credit cards are convenient and easy to get, but they usually come with a high-interest rates, and if not used responsibly they can put you in a mess of debt that’s hard to get […]

Five Ways to Save Money on a Low Income

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Saving money for the future can be difficult especially when you have a low income. Many households in America live pay check to pay check and putting money away into savings can seem out of the question for households like these. Although, it’s not out of the question! Even if you’re currently only making minimum […]

How to Payoff Student Loans in Nelnet

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Updated: February 12, 2017 It’s now that time, time to start paying off your student loans. Many of us didn’t think twice about these loans while we were still enrolled in college and didn’t fear the consequences or think about the commitment of the loans when we accepted them before the start of each semester, and […]