What is a Blog? What is a Blogger? What is Blogging? Get All of Your Questions Answered and More!

What is a Blog and Why is Blogging So Popular?

  A blog is a website with a couple differences from a regular (static) site, which include the following:   Blogs Started Out As Journals and Diaries   Blogs originally started out as journals and diaries, which is why posts and articles are shown in chronological order, from newest to oldest. Primarily, every blog I’ve come across has been set up in this manner. Articles or blog posts are displayed starting with the most recent post which has been published, followed by the next recent […]

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Get Your Dream Job by Following these Tips!

Congratulations, you’ve gotten your college degree, have excellent references, and may even have some work experience you’ve received from internships you’ve completed. Although, getting that job you want has proven difficult and you may even become discouraged. Getting a job after graduating from college isn’t as easy as it once was. Nowadays everyone seems to have a college degree and the competition is thick. Here are a few tips to help land that job you’ve been waiting for. 1. Have Others Look Over Your Resume […]

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How to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog or Website

It’s hard for a blog to be successful without an audience and it’s very hard to get an audience if no one knows about your blog. The following are a few simple methods to get more users and traffic to your blog or site. 1. Post New Content Regularly You can keep readers coming back to your blog by continually posting new content. If you don’t update your content regularly you’ll lose sync with your users and they’ll go elsewhere for their information. 2. Promote […]

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