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LearnVest is a personal finance management service and software that differentiates itself from the rest. Originally LearnVest was designed to be tailored specifically to women. To teach women about money management principles and to help women better manage their money. Today, it’s more gender neutral and designed to help everyone, regardless of gender, better manage their money.


How LearnVest Works

LearnVest allows you to link all your financial accounts in one place for free. The values and amounts of each account will update automatically. You can also set categories for the accounts you link to make it easier to track your money. If you’d rather not have your accounts linked, you can also manually enter transactions and make updates yourself.

LearnVest offers a large amount of information for money management and will give you a full snapshot of your budget. If you have questions, you can get answers to those questions by using their Advice Center. You can sign up for educational newsletters. They also offer education on a variety of topics like investing, finance, and other related topics.

How much does LearnVest Cost?

LearnVest is free. Their basic service will cost you absolutely nothing to use. They make their money from advertisements so their budgeting and money management software won’t cost you a penny.

As of the time I’m writing this, Learnvest users can all link their financial accounts, view their expenses and income every month, use the resources in the “knowledge center” to learn about a variety of personal finance topics, and track and monitor their finances for free.

Although, if you want to talk and work with one of their real-life financial planners, it’ll cost you around $19 bucks a month plus a $299 one-time start up fee. Their personal planners help customize a financial program designed around you and your goals, help you stay on track and make progress, and you can email your financial planner anytime for advice or to ask questions.

Awesome Features

Categorize Income and Expenses. LearnVest will help you structure a budget that is organized and allows you to see where you can improve. Once you link all your accounts, LearnVest will categorize everything for you. After you have your account all set up, you’ll be able to simply log into your account and be able to see where you’ve made improvements and where improvements can still be made since LearnVest has already organized and categorized everything for you.

Learn. A huge goal for LearnVest is to educate its users on money management, budgeting, and investing. They have a lot of educational content designed for everyone. Educational content ranging from money management basics all the way to advanced content, designed to help users from all finance backgrounds.

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Advice for Debt. Debt can become overwhelming and take a huge drag on you and your life. LearnVest offers debt advice and guidance on how to begin reducing your debt. They can show you how to start reducing the interest you pay by allocating assets to certain debts first. The advice they offer is very helpful and accurate.

Final Thoughts

LearnVest is a great company that offers a truly amazing budget and money management service to its users. I would recommend their service to my friends and family. Their service is free, so you have absolutely nothing to lose and can only gain from using LearnVest. On top of being a financial money management software and service, they also have great educational content that is offered to its users.



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3 thoughts on “LearnVest Review – Money Management”

  1. Hey Oddball i just got done talking with Learnvest and they asked for 250.00 in order to have me as a client. then I read your post and I am wondering if ive been mislead or if they have changed how they do business. I have not paid anything yet. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely James Cyphers

  2. Hey James,

    At their website, http://www.learnvest.com they offer a free membership and a paid membership. The free membership (which is what I use), allows you to link all your financial accounts in the user dashboard section and gives you a snapshot of your finances. It’ll allow you to monitor things such as your monthly expenses and income. They’re also continuously putting out great new news articles about money and life for users to read, and they have a “knowledge center” with lots educational and helpful information, which is also free to use.

    If you do a paid membership, you get to work with one of their financial planners. From what I understand, this service is similar to getting a personal trainer at a gym, in a sense that the financial planner will help customize a step-by-step financial program with you that aligns with your goals. From there, you can track any progress you’ve made every month and email your financial planner whenever you have questions.


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