30 Most Profitable Fiverr Gigs

30 Most Profitable Fiverr Gigs 2022

Working as a freelancer is difficult and intimidating, and the most difficult part is finding prospects or the suitable assignments. So, here are the 30 most profitable Fiverr gigs for anyone; whether you’re thinking about starting your own business, a side hustle, or just want to make some extra money. Find the best fiverr gig for you right now. There are many people in today’s world who want to generate additional money but don’t know how. This post, the 30 most profitable Fiverr gigs, is […]

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Book Review: Your Money or Your Life

Book Review: Your Money or Your Life by Vicki Robin

Don’t feel like reading all of this review right now? You can Watch or Listen to the Your Money or Your Life book review in video format, by Jesse Langel, on Amazon’s website. Other New Content from the Oddball Wealth Blog: It’s impossible to read “Your Money or Your Life” and not wonder if putting in so many hours at work is worth the salary you’re getting. Many individuals are earning money by sacrificing time left on earth for something that can suck up joy […]

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12 Books on Blogging Every Inspiring Blogger Should Read

12 Inspirational Books Every Blogger Should Read

Looking for some good old fashion inspiration to fire up your inner blogger and get you moving in the right direction with your own blog? Today, I want to share with you 12 highly rated and popular books about blogging, creativity, earning money online which every blogger to-be should read and add to their bookshelf! Every one of the books mentioned covers a specific “sweet spot” in the blogging journey, such as how to set up your blog, staying creative, earning an income, and creating […]

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7 Best Email Marketing Software and Tools.

7 Best Email Marketing Services & Platforms for Blogs and Business in 2017

If you run an online business, blog, or in the process of a tech startup, then email marketing and building a subscriber list should be one of your top priorities. According to a recent research study conducted by GetResponse surveying 1,831 email marketers from around the world, they found that email marketing delivers the highest overall rate of return (ROI), so email marketing and list building can be one of the most profitable things you do. But, deciding which email marketing service or software to […]

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How to Create Coming Soon Pages in WordPress with SeedProd

How to Create a Stunning Coming Soon Page in WordPress using SeedProd

Would you like to create a stunning coming page for your WordPress website? Every website should make a pre-launch coming soon page before actually making your site live. This allows you to build an audience, email list, and get people excited about your new website before the actual launch of your website. In this post, you’ll quickly learn exactly how to create a beautiful coming soon page in WordPress. Why It’s Important to Create Coming Soon Pages in WordPress Coming soon pages are much more […]

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Website Design. StudioPress Theme Review - How to choose the right WordPress theme for your website.

How To Find the Best WordPress Theme for Your Website (StudioPress Review)

  It’s never been easier for individuals, businesses, and bloggers to create their own professional looking website than it is today. Thanks to WordPress, a person no longer needs specialized coding and web development skills to make a website. Using WordPress, a person can build virtually any type of website imaginable and it’s never been easier or faster to do.   Although because there are so many options, choosing the right option for you can be difficult and time consuming. With basically an unlimited number […]

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What is a Blog? What is a Blogger? What is Blogging? Get All of Your Questions Answered and More!

What is a Blog and Why is Blogging So Popular?

  A blog is a website with a couple differences from a regular (static) site, which include the following:   Blogs Started Out As Journals and Diaries   Blogs originally started out as journals and diaries, which is why posts and articles are shown in chronological order, from newest to oldest. Primarily, every blog I’ve come across has been set up in this manner. Articles or blog posts are displayed starting with the most recent post which has been published, followed by the next recent […]

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Two Powerful Ways to Make Money Blogging

How Blogs Create Profitable Conditions To Make Money

Ever wonder how blogs make money? There are a lot of resources and articles on the web claiming to tell you how to make money blogging, but most of them all say the same thing. More importantly, the majority of articles and posts online about how blogs make profit and money are INACCURATE or share misleading information and facts. Most articles and blog posts available on the web tell readers to display ads on their websites, join affiliate programs, or make their own products to […]

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The Best Small Business Loans and Lenders

The Best Small Business Loans of 2018

Updated: March 19, 2018.   Looking for the best small business loans for your business? Whether you’re just starting a business or need more capital to grow your current business, now may be one of the best times to get a small business loan. The economy is the best it’s been since the 2008 economic meltdown, allowing banks and other lending companies to lend more money. It can be difficult to receive a business loan at traditional brick-and-mortar banks. Many times traditional banks have a long application […]

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