An Example of an Elevator Pitch

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Here’s an elevator pitch that I constructed in college for an Elevator Pitch Competition I was in. Feel free to use it as a reference when crafting your own pitch.

One thing you’ll notice when you read this pitch is that it’s under 60 seconds.

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My Elevator Pitch Example

“Hello, my name is Tyler. I’m a senior at the University of Wisconsin completing a degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Management and a minor Accounting.

I’m interested in a career in the finance industry by either helping individuals manage their personal finances or managing company’s finances.

During my college career, I have developed skills in how to manage businesses and people, how to construct and diagnosis financial statements, and different techniques to value companies, securities, and other investments. I follow the markets intently and I’m an active trader myself.

I also completed an internship as a financial advisor with Northwestern Mutual where I called upon and set up meetings with potential clients to explain to them our products, I signed on new clients and provided guidance to them by helping them construct and implement long-term financial plans. During this internship, I discovered that I really enjoy working in the finance field and helping other’s with their finances.

I would really enjoy the opportunity to sit down and talk with you, to find out more about yourself, your organization, and what you expect out of people in your company.”


An Example of an Elevator Pitch

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