Betterment Review – Automated Financial Investment Robo Advisor

Many of us are experts when it comes to picking our own stocks or investments. Others, simply don’t have the time to take to research and analyze investments to invest in. I personally love the process of picking my own stocks and other investments to invest my money in. But I understand everyone has their … Read more

8 Reasons Why Index Funds Rock!

The two safest ways to invest in the stock market today is by simply investing in low-cost index mutual funds and/or commission-free index exchange-traded funds (ETFs). In the past, the only way to invest in a fund that contain many assets was through actively managed mutual funds. Mutual funds were pricey and still are today. … Read more

Time is Valuable – The Cost of Trading Time for Money

Most of us are not born into money, instead the majority of us must trade our time for money. Unfortunately, our finances tend to dictate our lives. Maybe you have credit card debt bills, student loans, a mortgage, or a car loan. In order to pay for these things we need money. We work hard … Read more

Grammarly Review: Make Fewer Mistakes and Earn More Money

I’ll be the first to admit it, I’m not always the best when it comes to editing my work and checking for common errors. Don’t get me wrong, I always go back over my work and reread what I wrote, but I always seem to miss simple little errors. I had this same problem in college … Read more

How to Create an Elevator Pitch

What is an Elevator Pitch? Some of you might be asking, “What is an elevator pitch?” An elevator pitch is simply a professional pitch that sums up everything about you professionally. Where you’ve been in your career, your skills, your accomplishments, and where you want to be with your career in about 30 to 60 … Read more