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Here on Oddball Wealth, I share a lot of content about building and managing wealth, investment, and how to create passive income streams. To help you take action and begin implementing some of the strategies shown here on this site, I thought it would be a good idea to create a resource page that you can easily find and have access to resources and services that can help you reach your goals. I would recommend bookmarking or saving this page in your favorites. I’m sure I’ll add things as I come across other great resources and tools, so be sure to check back frequently!



These are services that I use the most and benefit from the most. The Most Recommended are listed in no specific order or category. They range from services I use for investing, to track and manage my finances, and services I use to create and manage my websites and blogs. Enjoy!



Personal Capital: This is a FREE service that lets you track and manage all of your financial accounts in one place! This includes all your credit cards, loans, bank accounts, saving accounts, brokerage accounts, retirement accounts and so-on. You can keep track of all your balances in one place, see how much you spend vs how much income you receive every month, and continuously know your updated net worth!

I love this service, if you don’t have an account with them, I highly recommend you go to their website this instant and create one! It’s free!

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Betterment: I like Betterment because they let you automate you investments and they do the investing for you! They do this based off your age, goals, and risk criteria. This is a great service for anyone who wants to begin investing but doesn’t know much about investing, anyone whose just beginning to invest, or anyone who wants to put their investments on autopilot. They also have extremely low fees, allowing your investments to grow faster!

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Namecheap: I use Namecheap to registrar all of my website domain names. Why? Because they’re by far the easiest to use, you can registrar and buy your domain name in literally just a few minutes. They’re also by far the cheapest, the most you’ll pay for a domain name is around $10 or less!



bluehost logo


Bluehost: Since I began building blogs and websites, I’ve tried and used many different web-host and found Bluehost to be the best for two reasons. The first reason is because it’s extremely easy to use and set up. You can install WordPress to your site with one click of a button! The second reason is because of their low price. For less than $4 a month you can host your website.

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BBVA Compass Bank Logo

BBVA Compass Bank: An awesome financial institution! They’re one of the best online banks that also has physical branches you can visit to get in person help and services. BBVA Compass has the leading online banking platform that allows you to conveniently do all your banking from your computer or mobile device.

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My Favorite BBVA Compass Bank Accounts and Financial Products:





It’s FREE to join! Track your finances, investments, net worth, and portfolio. Take advantage of all the tools Personal Capital offers, like the Retirement Planner to customize and build your retirement plan. Also, the Cash Flow Analyzer lets your track and manage all of your income and spending habits. There are many other features including the 401(k) analyzer, reports of upcoming bills, email alerts, asset allocation targets, an Apple watch app, and much more.

Click here to Join Personal Capital.




InterNations Logo  is the largest international online social network for expatriates with more than 600,000 members worldwide. It’s also Free to join!



Fiverr – Fiverr is a global market place offering services and tasks, starting at only $5 per job.






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