Personal Finance Question - Why is Managing Money Hard?

Why is Managing Money Hard? Personal Finance and Budgeting Tips

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Many people think that managing money is hard. They have many excuses for why they don’t manage their money. A few of them are reasonable excuses but most of them are just a result of laziness.   How to budget your money and money management tips   If you’re having a hard time managing all your financial and investment accounts, free finance tools and money management apps like Personal Capital can help you out a lot. Personal Capital is a free budgeting tool and money management service. It lets you manage all of your financial accounts from one place, including […]

How I Increased My Pinterest Audience By 25,000 Viewers in Only 10 Days

How I Grew My Pinterest Audience by 25,000 in Ten Days with Viraltag

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Hello everybody! Today I’m going to share with you how I grew my Pinterest audience by 25,000 viewers in only ten days using this cool new social media management tool called Viraltag! I didn’t realize how vital social media was to my business and never put a big emphasis on social media marketing until recently. When I finally realized the importance of social media, I struggled greatly and had a tough time just getting a following and audience. I was especially struggling with my Pinterest account. Having multiple Pinterest boards, I was trying to pin posts to each board manually […]

8 Online Survey Sites to Join for Extra Money

Top 8 Free Online Survey Sites to Join and Make Extra Money

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In this post you’ll learn what the best free online survey / rewards sites to join and make extra money are. Each of the companies and websites listed below are legitimate sites that you can join and begin making money. I recommend signing up for all of them! Enjoy! This post may contain affiliate links, please read the disclosure policy for more details.     Less than two years ago, back when I was in college, one way I made extra money was by joining free online survey sites and getting paid to take survey’s. Now, I didn’t make a […]

How to Earn One to Three Percent Interest on Municipal Bonds

How to Earn 1 to 3 Percent Rate on Municipal Bonds

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Make Three Percent Interest On Municipal Bonds     By only looking at the face value, state and local government issued bonds don’t have too much “sex” appeal in the form of a yield. One important thing that you don’t see on the surface is the bonds “intrinsic value.” Municipal bonds have a special hidden value which many investors neglect. What many investors forget to calculated is the interest gained on muni bonds usually isn’t taxed at a federal level, and sometimes they’re even exempt from state tax.   Related articles: Beginners Guide to Bond Investment Introduction to Investing: Investment Basics […]

Happy Fourth of July!

5 Fun & Interesting 4th of July Facts, Events, Deals and Savings

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  Independence Day is here once again, a day of fireworks and celebration of this great country of ours! To make your 4th of July even more exciting, here are five fun and interesting current facts, events, deals and savings that are taking place right now on this beautiful Fourth of July day!     Gas Prices Are the Lowest They’ve Been in 11-years for the 4th of July   Fact and Savings: Gas prices haven’t been this low on the Fourth of July since 2005, which was eleven-years ago! According to an article on Investopedia. Just one more thing […]

Thirty-five Inspirational Quotes About Money and Wealth

35 Inspirational Quotes About Wealth, Money and Life

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Building wealth and making money are two areas which I feel pretty strong about. However, sometimes it can feel like the process of generating income and creating wealth can begin to control you, instead of you controlling it. To put things back into perspective and to avoid letting the process of making money and creating wealth control or consume us, and remember the real purpose of money and wealth, and where it does and doesn’t belong in our lives – we can always turn to the wise for advise by absorbing their words of wisdom. So I decided to share […]

Is a College Degree and Financial Freedom Related?

Why a College Degree Isn’t Necessary to Achieve Financial Freedom

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  A common goal among many Americans today, especially young people, is to achieve financial freedom. In order to achieve this goal, it seems like everyone these days is going to college. In fact, Millennials are the most education generation in history and hold more advance degrees than any other generation. That’s great, right? Sure we’re all educated, hold fancy degrees, and we’re all really smart… Well, maybe not as smart as we think we are… For the majority of us, we didn’t get a free ride through college. As a consequence, the average college student graduates with between $20,000 […]

Avoid Business Start Up Expenses

It Doesn’t Take Money to Make Money: How to Avoid Business Start-up Costs

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  I’m sure you’ve probably been told by others or at least heard this before, “It takes money to make money,” especially to start-up a business. I’ve been told this in the past, I’ve read this in books and magazines, and was even taught this in business school. This is an old saying and teaching, which I’ve found out to be untrue, and have discovered that it doesn’t take money to make money. People often delay or never start a business, even though they have a great business idea that they’re passionate about, because of this old myth that “it […]