The Best Personal Finance Software, Apps and Companies for Money Management Tools. Monthly Budgeting is Easy and Tracking Net Worth is Automatic.

How to Make Money Management, Budgeting & Personal Finance Easy

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Finding the best personal finance software for tasks like money management and budgeting to update your monthly household budget spreadsheet can sometimes seem overwhelming and impossible. It’s safe to say that time isn’t on our side and finding the time to properly manage your finances and update the monthly family budget spreadsheet just doesn’t seem possible.   Related Content: Best Small Business Loans and Rates for Entrepreneurs Best Personal Loans and Lending Rates for Whatever Kind of Credit You Have Great Apps that Make Investing Easy for Anyone   Each day we’re blessed with twenty-four hours. These 24-hours are truly a gift and […]

Eye Opening Life Advice, Told By Those Who've Lived It

Eye Opening Life Advice, Told By Those Who’ve Lived It. Part 1

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I recently read an inspiring and eye opening article on tickld, titled 20 Crucial Pieces Of Life Advice, As Told By People Over 60. After asking individuals over the age of 60, “What advice would you give to those who are half your age?” They posted the 20 most important pieces of advice for young people from those who responded to the question. Every piece of advice was a big eye opener for me, but a few of the responses really made me think about my own life and the fast paced world we’re living in. Here are a couple of the […]

Why do you want to become rich? What does being rich mean to you? Learn why some people think of money, wealth, and power when they think of the term "rich," and why many other people believe being rich is much more meaningful than financial and monetary reasoning's!

Why Do You Want to Become Rich? Money and Wealth Explained

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Why do you want to be rich? Or, maybe you’re wondering how to become rich? These type of questions seem like they should have straight forward answers, but truth be told, they don’t. For some people, money and financial wealth isn’t necessary to feel like they’re rich or wealthy.     Once you’ve finished reading this post, in the “comment section” at the end of this post, leave a comment letting us know what the term “rich” means to you. Also, let us know why you want to be rich? Most people never take the time to ask themselves these […]

How to Make $132,000 More Than Your Friends!

Ways to Make Money – How to Earn $132,000 More Than Your Friends

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Want to make thousands of dollars more than your friends? You can earn more money by following the simple investing technique I’m about to show you about ways to make money. For this investment strategy to work you need to start saving and investing early (the younger you are the better!), automate your investments, and sit back and watch your money grow.   Start Investing Early   Many people never begin investing or delay starting to invest because they don’t know where to start investing, how to start, or what to do when they do start. The most important thing is […]

How I Get Identity Protection, Credit Monitoring, Credit Reports and Scores All FREE!

How I Get My Credit Report, Credit Score, Credit Rating, Credit Protection and Credit Monitoring All Free!

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Hello everyone! Today I’m excited to share with you how I get my free credit report, free credit score, credit rating, free credit protection and free credit monitoring online all from one great credit reporting service called Credit Sesame! I know a lot of people pay to get their credit report and credit score. I’ll show you how to save money by getting your credit report and credit score completely free anytime you want using Credit Sesame.   Bonus Read: The Complete Guide to Building Credit!   I also know some people pay for credit monitoring and credit protection services. […]

Personal Finance Question - Why is Managing Money Hard?

Why is Managing Money Hard? Personal Finance and Budgeting Tips

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Many people think that managing money is hard. They have many excuses for why they don’t manage their money. A few of them are reasonable excuses but most of them are just a result of laziness.   How to budget your money and money management tips   If you’re having a hard time managing all your financial and investment accounts, free finance tools and money management apps like Personal Capital can help you out a lot. Personal Capital is a free budgeting tool and money management service. It lets you manage all of your financial accounts from one place, including […]

How I Increased My Pinterest Audience By 25,000 Viewers in Only 10 Days

How I Grew My Pinterest Audience by 25,000 in Ten Days with Viraltag

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Hello everybody! Today I’m going to share with you how I grew my Pinterest audience by 25,000 viewers in only ten days using this cool new social media management tool called Viraltag! I didn’t realize how vital social media was to my business and never put a big emphasis on social media marketing until recently. When I finally realized the importance of social media, I struggled greatly and had a tough time just getting a following and audience. I was especially struggling with my Pinterest account. Having multiple Pinterest boards, I was trying to pin posts to each board manually […]

8 Online Survey Sites to Join for Extra Money

Top 8 Free Online Survey Sites to Join and Make Extra Money

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In this post, you’ll learn what the best free online survey and rewards sites to join and make extra money are. Each of the companies and websites listed below are legitimate sites that you can join and begin making money. I recommend signing up for all of them! Enjoy!     Less than two years ago, back when I was in college, one way I made extra money was by joining free online survey sites and getting paid to take survey’s. Now, I didn’t make a ton of money doing this, but back then it seemed like a considerable amount […]

How to Earn One to Three Percent Interest on Municipal Bonds

How to Earn 1 to 3 Percent Rate on Municipal Bonds

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Make Three Percent Interest On Municipal Bonds     By only looking at the face value, state and local government issued bonds don’t have too much “sex” appeal in the form of a yield. One important thing that you don’t see on the surface is the bonds “intrinsic value.” Municipal bonds have a special hidden value which many investors neglect. What many investors forget to calculated is the interest gained on muni bonds usually isn’t taxed at a federal level, and sometimes they’re even exempt from state tax.   Related articles: Beginners Guide to Bond Investment Introduction to Investing: Investment Basics […]